ADCOM Gaming Mouse in Depth Review & Unboxing- Ergonomic Design!

ADCOM latest Gaming RBG Mouse is not even cool but affordable as well...Its steady, tactile and stylish with great Build..Check Review to know more about it

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Earlier we Reviewed ADCOM’s Luminosa Headphones on our Budget-friendly Website I am still using them but now company have sent us another product which is ADCOM’s Gaming Mouse and honestly its much more than I expected at a Budget-Friendly price comparing to other known branded Mouses, so today we are going to Review the ADCOM Ergonomic Gaming Mouse with RGB Lighting effect & for Unboxing you can catch us on YouTube from below.

If you are in search of a Good budget Gaming or Daily usage Mouse for your Laptop or PC then ADCOM’s Ergonomic Gaming Mouse can be a good option under Rs.600 only which can be purchased from Flipkart, Amazon or ADCOM Website. 

I am sharing this Review with you not because I have been paid or something but the Mouse is actually at tactile. Code name of this Product is AD-5766 printed on Box.

ADCOM Gaming Mouse in Depth Review & Unboxing (AD-5766)


Inside Box components-

Inside Box, you don’t get anything much just-

In box content of adcom gaming mouse box
  • Mouse
  • Greeting by Company
  • 10% Discount coupon on next purchase

Although Box design is something unique like even without opening you get Window like Flap that you can open to see inside how the mouse looks like with a Contrast of Golden and White combination.


Features have been mentioned on Box when you receive it like-

Adcom mouse box design
  • 16.8 Million RGB Colors
  • Smooth Roller
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 5Million Times Clicking
  • Up to 2400 DPI
  • Reinforcement Steel Built
  • 6D Design
  • E-Sports Ready
  • Covered Fabric Wire
  • Toggle Free Design

Pricing has also been printed on Box of around Rs.1199 that isn’t true as Online you can get it for Rs.599 that’s almost half of printed Price.


As I mentioned that design is cool integrated with RGB Lighting effects and colour combination is also nice White with Golden.

Surprisingly you get side triggers as well that can be used while gaming for a Melee attack or reloads. Two side triggers have been provided in White colour and roller is finished with a rubberish top that’s comfortable and the whole design is grabby. You can surely use this one for long without any discomfort.

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More likely Wire is also covered that keeps your Mouse safe from damage like-Cuts, Stretch, etc. so this thing is a plus point here, and due to this it makes it toggle free, it won’t bend even if tried which is relaxing for many people.

Buttons are Tactile and Mouse is also very Responsive in terms of actual use, you get DPI Changing button on Top real roller that you can Long Press for different DPI changing.


ADCOM Gaming Mouse in Depth Review & Unboxing mouse view

The mouse is not totally made of Plastic but you get Metal elements as well on the whole built with a well-screwed design. Clicks are Snappy & Roller is soft so overall Built is pretty decent that I can’t complain about.

Connectivity of Mouse:

The mouse is Wired not Wireless. The wire is Fabric coated from start to end and the Port is well is of USB 2.0, you don’t need any Drivers to use it just Plug and Use.

Length of wire is decent and can be used at a distance as well.


back of adcom gaming mouse

The mouse comes under Rs.600 where if you search for a good Gaming Mouse Online then I don’t remember I was able to find any of it compared to this under 600 hoods, almost each of them was of Rs.800+ so at the price which it comes including everything mentioned above “MUST GO FOR IT”

Or Buy on

This was my roll on ADCOM Gaming Mouse now I want to ask you what you think of the Company if you have ever tried its products then do let us know, also share this article…I see you guys in the next one.

-Thanks for Reading.