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Advertise on Us

We are a family of more than 60K+ Monthly Visitors with almost 2000+ Active Notified Users who get alert every time we push a Post on our Wall. Today we are announcing Advertising with Fresh Founder, we are happy to provide you a good Space at us as an Advertiser.

Yes, is now moving a step forward to provide Advertisers a Path to lead where you can show your Custom ADs on our Website. It can be in the Sidebars, Footer, Header and even in the Middle of the Post.

You can choose from the different layout of the ADs of which type you want, to Check Different AD Types on a Website Click HERE. An Advertisement which we provide can be a GIF or Image in a Compressed format so it doesn’t take time to load with Links attached to your Targeted Page/Website.

You might be thinking how and why you should advertise your Business to us (Right?)

Well, as a Blogging Website we deliver genuine Content at all cost from our side, we try to be honest with our readers, we try to build better relationships whosoever reaches to us, people have faith in us, our readers know what we do and how we do, we cover a wide range in Tech as not particularly something specific.

With all of that our Audience isn’t based on Bots (which we think other Media Company uses to flex their Stats) but we reflex truth, also we are not in favour to promote any illigal, drug-related, Pornographic ADs to us as we are looking for a Real Business opportunist to flow with us at Best budget.

If we talking of Budget so Ad Budget depends on you, but we promise you won’t get any better anywhere else. You get Real Traffic through us at Best Rates (now that’s we can bet on).

You can become our short-term or long-term partner, whatever you like and however, you like.

Before approving, we also look through your plans and ideas so remember as Advertiser we totally respect you from our Heart as you are Investing in Us but we don’t wanna break our Audience Trust as well.

Sources where you can Advertise

  • Website- You can Advertise on our Website as we discussed above, or we also provide Sponsored Post options as well which you can read here to know more.
  • Social Media- Our Pinterest holds more than 3.5Million+ Audience Monthly, excluding Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, etc. If you like to Promote your business through our Social Sources so Custom Post option is available.
  • YouTube Videos- If you have a Product which you think can be promoted on a Tech Channel so what are you waiting for? At FreshFounder we provide YouTube Promotions as well in our Videos.

With that if you are good to go, so do we, you can Connect with us Right Now at [email protected] or drop a Mail-in our Gmail-

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