After Twitter Font Change People started Trolling Twitter with Memes and GIFS

After Twitter Font Change People started Trolling Twitter with Memes and GIFS- New Font is called Chirp!

Twitter bring a new change in its UI that calls Twitter Font Change, after this announcement and introduction mostly people were found trolling Twitter for this Update sharing Memes and GIFs.
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On 12th August 2021, After Twitter Font Change People started Trolling Twitter with Memes and GIFS. Twitter brought this change in UI to focus mainly on content, font style and design of the platform. After this update, people started trolling Twitter for this Change and it was clearly seen not everyone was happy with it. Twitter Changed Font for good but People are asking for the old one only (why?) well let’s read a bit.

Twitter Font Change is nowhere, without creating any hype they announced it as a surprise bringing some changes in the Platform for Web & App both. The new change creates in grey colour effect over the layout as a whole to focus more on content, tweets, images, texts, etc. After the announcement and experiencing new UI, folks started trolling Twitter sharing Memes, Gifs and Jokes.

“Chirp strikes the balance between messy and sharp to amplify the fun and irreverence of a Tweet, but can also carry the weight of seriousness when needed,” wrote Twitter in its Post.

What is Twitter Font Change?- Whats New

They have talked about the new Twitter Font in early January which is why this font is considered as Twitter inhouse Font because it’s relatable to it. Twitter’s new Chirp font also has an easter egg, Jane told. If you tweet “[CHIRPBIRDICON]”, it will automatically turn into Twitter’s logo. Check it out in the GIF below:

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The company has reduced the use of blue colour and has opted for low tones colours to draw attention to the photos and videos you create and share, Twitter is planning to roll out new colours soon where you can customise them according to your pref. like theme maybe (Full Rainbow types). But that’s a future plan afcouse.

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Twitter has also tweaked buttons with high contrast, which means fewer gray backgrounds & unnecessary divider lines, increased space to make tweets easier to read.

After Twitter Font Change People started Trolling Twitter with Memes and GIFS- some are hillarious

After Twitter Font Change was announced and people checked after rubbing their eyes, Twitter got flooded with such memes and gifs. Some of them are seriously hilarious but we are only sharing a few for fun here. By the way, What do you think of the new font? Share your thoughts by Tagging us on Twitter.

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