Jio joins, Airtel and Vi Increase Prepaid Plans Prices in India causing Tariff Spike (Updated)

Price hike in Prepared plans by 3 major telecom bosses, Jio, Airtel and Vi in India. This spike in prices made its hot spread but why can be the reason here?

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On 22 and 23rd November, the news came by the side of Airtel and Vi aka Vodafone-Idea about the increase in Tariffs increase that caused a panic in the audience. Airtel and Vi Increase Prepaid Plans Prices in India causing Tariff Hike is stated to be an issue of inflation in the telecom sector, Jio also joined recently over announcements related to the Plans. After the news breakout, people started discussing to switch or port their numbers but is it really the solution?

VodafoneIndea and Airtel are two main competitors of Jio in the Indian telecom sector, after Airtel announced its new prepaid plans price hike on 22nd Nov, on 23rd Vi came with something similar as you can see below. The hike became a topic of discussion Jio also joined new plans scheme with increased rates from Dec 1 2021.

Updated: After Airtel and Vi, now Jio increased tarrif of their Plans

As we coved below that Jio was silent on their Plans price hike but finally, a press release came surprisingly showing a new chart of spiked prices of Jio plans, users who were hoping to be saved by JIO got a big hit. Below are the new Jio new Unlimited Plans prices.

Jio holds one bug market surpassing everyone in the Nation and now this announcement has caused an equivalency in Prepaid plans price hike because they were silent. It is recommended to Recharge your Jio Prepaid before 1 Dec so to be safe from increased tariffs. Right now compared to Airtel vs Jio vs Vi so Vodafoneidea has the lowest sub increase in the amount.

Earlier in News

People are seen saying to shift their numbers for these reasons but that’s nothing to do with the companies as far as we guess, it’s a problem of inflation in the market causing price hikes in plans. Jio hasn’t said anything be we know they will also join it sooner or later until the market cover its losses because no one gives from their pockets to others.

Is it Ok to Port Numbers to Jio because of this?

It is a choice but makes no sense as if there are losses so they also push forward depending on keeping the balance sheet balanced. The majority stake is with Jio right now in India but AIrtel is its only comp[editor which is in a competition that’s still providing better services and customer satisfaction in India.

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If they lose more audience then if there’s no competition so there’s a dictatorship, Jio gain Graph with Free Internet and then started charging, we should not forget Jio Phone 2021 disasters how they are trying to manipulate folks, it is important to understand the market because no company would like to lose its subscribers use because of plans hike, it is done to recover losses.

Instead, of porting we suggest you use two numbers so you can keep it simple and peddle both boats or whatever you like at times.

Whats is the Airtel and Vi new Increase Prepaid Plans Prices in India?

Below mentioned are the new plans offered by Airtel and Vi that’s will be implemented soon for prepaid sim users. On some plans, there’s a major hike of around Rs.200 where for the minimum plans Rs,20-30 is increased.

As you can see these are the new tariff plans by both telecom companies, Date of Airtel to implement is final where Vi is dicy but nearby to Airtel only so now you have a change to get Yearly activation if you are planning on current prices or later you have to pay these.

Afa Jio is concerned it will be good to see how Jio come up with their plans change or now because on our tweet they Replied and said,

So till now, there’s is no confirmation but in a couple of coming days it be changed (maybe), let’s hope for the best.

-Thanks for Reading.

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