Amazfit GTR 2 Long Term Review in Detail- Should you Buy?

We were using Amazfit GTR 2 for about Weeks and finally, its time to Review it, Welcome to the Amazfit GTR 2 Long Term Review in Detail, btw Should you buy it?

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Amazfit GTR 2 Smartwatch is kind of a good one, after using it for about 2-3 Weeks at its best we have come to the conclusion so today we bringing Amazfit GTR 2 Long Term Review in Detail with Questions and its Answer Should you Buy?. So if you were planning to Buy Amazfit GTR 2 so this can help you out.

Amazfit, a Huami’s brand that has launched some very interesting Smartwatches nearly has now pushed Amazfit GTR 2 in the Market targeting People looking for featureful smartwatch under 12000 in India. We were using it for a while and found it interesting but at the same time a few drawbacks as well, discussing all of it here today with you.

If you are not interested in reading so we have already made a review of this Watch on our Channel you can check below.

On any device, there are different pieces to cover, Amazfit GTR 2 also not apart from it, everything has its own Pros & Cons as well so lets first talk about that here.

HY– If you are on AMP Version so maybe Pros & Cons don’t appear properly, Please Shift to Non-AMP Mode.

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must try hidden features of amazfit gtr 2, honest trust opinion about GTR 2 in detail

This was a Short go about the Pros and Cons of Amazfit GTR2, now lets come to the main point which is an experience so if you understand Hindi then Video is already above to watch and if you don’t get it so here we have details for you to read.

Amazfit GTR 2 Long Term Review-

Amazfit GTR 2 Hardware Overview-

Aesthetically talking so the Watch is made of Metal Body with Silicon Straps in Black color with 1.39inc AMOLED Display with 326ppi density, 1 Crown to control your main menu on the watch and another tactile button to access sports mode.

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Straps are Changeable that you can buy separately, size of Strap hole is also comes with good fits for everyone if he/she is thick or thin, on the top of the watch dial lines are made that represents time if you use analogue watch face and help to determine timing with ticks.

GTR 2 with Buddha in Sunlight image click

Below the Watch, we get some sensor part where there’s Heart Rate Sensor, SpO2 Sensor, Stress Sensor, Air pressure sensor, Acceleration sensor, Gyroscope sensor, 3-axis geomagnetic sensor, Ambient light sensor Connection, Bluetooth 5.0 WLAN 2.4GHz and BioTracker. Not only this but inbuilt Speakers are also there which are loud enough for individual listening, one mic to device calls and that’s it in the physical hardware part.

Software on Amazfit GTR 2-

The best part is when everything comes in this watcha provides results, that is Software and Experience, we come on Experience later but after Booting it up all you need to do is Pair it with Zepp App.

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How to Pair Amazfit Smartwatch with Zepp App-
  • Download Zepp App from App Store or Play Store
  • Turn on Amazfit Smartwatch
  • Sign in to Zepp Apps by filling in details
  • Click on Connect to Device/Watch
  • Open Zepp App Scanner and Scan the QR Code shown on Smartwatch
  • Proceed with Procedure shown on Screen
  • Let the Data Syns with Watch
  • And Done
  • NOTE- To sync for the first time you just need an Internet Connection and Bluetooth Turned on, on your Smartphone.

Now we are all set to go and see the features or option Watch Provides, so a full walkthrough has been shown in the Video above of almost all major features to look at. First thing first watch has 4-5 Watchfaces out of the box.

These are basic ones that you can try, for more Zepp App is open with loads of other options to choose from. Features on Amazfit GTR 2 like Swipe down on the main screen for Shortcut Tray, Swipe above for Notification Tray, Swipe Left/Right to check different apps (like heart rate, health pie chart, weather, music, PAI score, etc.).

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Pressing the main Red Lining Crown will take you to the Menu of Amazfit GTR 2 where you can access different settings such as Alarm, About Device, SpO2, Workout, Stress Testing, Widgets, Settings, etc., where lower Black Crown gives access to activate different Sports Mode and start measuring like- Cycling, Swimming, Running, Climbing, BMX, etc.

Under Widgets you get Compass, Barometer, Timer, Count Down, Find Mobile and Setting provide Screen Brightness option, Connectivity option, Sound & Vibrate User Preferences and System info.

These all you get on GTR 2 Software part as a whole, now after long term usage, we can share the experience of Amazfit GTR 2 with you all so here it is.

Amazfit GTR 2 Experience after Long Term Usage (all Personal)-

Starting with experience so first of all I would not hesitate to appraise Amazfit for its Quality Builds and Feeling they provide at captive rates. After usage of around 2 Weeks regularly (sote, uthte, nhate, dhote and khate) it was with me every time & feel like almost nothing on my wrist.

amazfit gtr 2 display quality in outdoor sunlight condition, detailed review of gtr 2 smartwatch

I am a thin person so not every Watch size suits me but this one did an amazing job TBH, this round dial looks premium, gorgeous, sexy and Black for sure. Even the build quality is tough with good brightness even outdoors (jha apki aakh band ho ye fir b dikh jati hai), and it’s true.

Features I personally liked can be Song Play inside the watch, Receiving Calls just while driving or sitting on a chair when my Buds are away or phone on charging, health monitoring like stress test, SpO2 measure, heart-rate sensing, etc. all are accurate.

It’s also helpful for travellers because it has compass (which is cool), needs only Bluetooth, easy to pair with any device, Always Wakeup Display (I use Digital one) gives it a battery optimisation, you can turn it on/off but I like to keep it on.

When you turn your wrist it activates offline voice command that is a good feature (but Alexa must be much better).

Pricing of Watch starts from Rs.12999 for Sports Version where Classic is around Rs.10999 approx. Both are available on Amazfit official site.

Amazfit other Smartwatches like Verge, Bip and more are already doing well but if you are finding a decent watch with some cool features and premium built with full of style no matter you are Chubby or Hubby (this can be a good choice) for sure.

Amazfit GTR 2 Full Long Term Review in Detail, Should you Buy GTR 2?


Nothing is perfect but this is next to Value for Money if you are thinking to Purchase a Smartwatch so considering Amazfit GTR 2 can save you money and can bring a good deal for yourself. We had a great experience with this one, let us know you with us on Social Media (Links are on TOP).
-Thanks for Reading.