apple event 2020 highlights launch of ipad air, ipad 8th gen, watch series 6, watch SE

Apple Event September 2020 Highlights- Apple Watch 6, New iPad Air, A14 Bionic Chip, iOs 14

Know Apple Event September 2020 Highlights- Apple Watch 6, New iPad Air, A14 Bionic Chip, iOs 14...everything you wanna know in short with clear info...
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This post was most recently updated on 3rd Aug, 2022

Apple’s September Event is done where they didn’t announce iPhone 12 (yes they didn’t) but else there were some pleasant announcement which we think you might be interested in like, Apple Event September 2020 Highlights- Apple Watch 6, New iPad Air, A14 Bionic Chip, iOs 14 and some more, so if you are interested in Apple Event 2020 Highlights and wanna know what took place so just scroll…

15th September 2020 was the date when Apple announced some really cool announcements which include new Apple Watch Series 6, New Apple iPad Air 8th Gen, iOS 14 Update, etc. All this was amazing to watch broadcasting from Apple Park situated in California. One major missing element was iPhone itself for which Apple is known but like you, most of them might don’t know it will be launched in October so you have to wait for Apple iPhone 12 Launch till Oct 2020. But what Apple has shown in real from reel? Let’s check that out.

We try to move in Series in which Announcements occurred to feel the essence of Apple September Event.

Apple Event September 2020 Highlights- Apple Watch 6, New iPad Air, A14 Bionic Chip, iOS 14, etc.

  • Apple Watch 6 | Apple Watch Series 6/SE Launch, Specs, Price

Apple showed its new Apple Watch 6 Series which comes with some upgrades from previous gen Series 5 that you can see from the image below. But the main highlight was its pricing as the Apple Watch Series 6 comes at Price of around $399 (Indian Estimate Rs.40K) this can be one of the cheapest of all time for Indian fans as it an al new Watch 6 with great features at an upgrade, so if you are a person thinking of buying Apple Watch then Series 6 will be the best fit.

With Watch Series 6 they have also introduced a more budget focusing Apple Watch Series SE or you can say Apple Watch SE that comes a hood of $279 (Indian estimate Rs.28-30K). It is a great thing for apple watch lovers to see this type of pricing for the first time, internals on SE are kept like Series 5 to downgrade the pricing but styling, looks and feel are kept like Series 6 only.

Also, some new Band styles were also introduced with Apple Watch Series 6 called Loops that work as Bands without any Pin fit buckle like traditional watch bands so that’s another upgraded stuff, it can come handy for people who are lazy and don’t want to always fix their fit as now you can wear your New Apple watch as Band and you re good to go.

A big kick for everyone while watching and listening about new Apple Watches was they said no Adapter in Box, means you won’t get any cables, Adapter or Charger to charge your apple watch series 6 or SE as Apple has removed it from the box in portion to save the environment which somehow indirectly makes watches cheaper than usual. We appreciate this step and you can always buy a Charger from Apple store online or offline for around $20 but if you already have so just used it!.

apple watch se specs and features

Specs of new Watch Series 6 and SE both are mesmerising as always and we loved the fact that Apple has become one of the first Company to move towards Recyclation, Saving the environment and thinking like an Environmentalist for future as Apple Suggest they will become 100% Recycled Friendly by 2030, means within 10yrs it will be a kinda brand with no waste in electronics (OSM).

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As rumoured earlier, Apple has announced its new fitness service, designed around the Apple Watch. It’s called Apple Fitness+ and will cost  $9.99 per month, or $79.99 per year. The service will offer workout classes spanning many categories, including cycling and yoga. Apple says it will add new workout sessions on a weekly basis. Now the good news for people who are thinking to get hands over a new watch launch of apple is that they can enjoy free Subscription of Fitness+ for the first 3 months.

new apple ipad air launch specs, features, details with apple event highlights 2020


  • Apple iPad Air 2020 | Apple iPad 8th Gen Specs, Price

Second product Tim introduced was new Apple IPads, a major hit that’s coming with all-new A14 Bionics Chip packed at 5nm Strckture with 11.8 Billion Transistors that are beyond beast, leaving any other chipset all behind. And same SoC will be fitted on new iPhone 12 as well so this structuring by Apple brings another level performance on new iPad Air.

Not only this, new iPad Air flowing in 10 times more powerful transfer speed of data through USB Type C and improved charging capabilities as well, TBH we arent an iPad fan but Air has made me especially feel like buying, you can because of its powerful specs, design and everything. Also, New Apple iPad Air supports Apple pencil & magnetic functions too. Pricing of new apple iPad air is starting for Rs.55K that’s gorgeous for a beast like this.

Talking about new iPad 8th Gen, well it’s an upgraded version of iPad 7 in terms with A12 Bionic Chip by Apple with support of 1st Gen Apple Pencil staring for Rs.29K like the previous lineup so for this its same.

Last but not least,

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  • Apple iOS 14 Update

The OS update for which you were waiting is finally over and out, on September 15, 2020, they announced Apple rolling out new iOS 14 for all iPhone users that for sure include Devices like- iPhone 11, 10 & 8, starting from 16th September 2020. So if you haven’t received the update yet, don’t worry you get it soon. And this gonna be same typa OS coming to iPad as iPadOS 14 out of the box.

So this was all major updates and highlights for Apple September Event 2020 in short brief, but don’t forget there’s another event in October where we see all-new iPhone 12, tell then be with us and keep supporting and reading.

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