ASUS ROG Phone 2 Review, Specs, Price- Best Gaming Phone 2019!

Asus has launched its all-new ROG Phone 2 considered as Best Gaming Smartphone of 2019...Specs are amazing but the Price & Review...Honest Opinions?

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ASUS has finally launched it’s one of the most awaited ROG Phone 2 Globally today with some Hig-End Specs after so many leaks. The phone is featuring Snapdragon 855Plus with 120Hz Display which makes it the Worlds First Highest Rated Refresh Fresh Rate Display. Plus you get many improvements considering previous gen. Asus ROG Phone which we talk here in this Review taking its Price (expected) & Opinions.

The ASUS ROG Phone 2 is a True Gaming Beast in terms of Design with RGBs, Overclocked SoC855+ Processor, Bombing Speakers, 2USB Type C Ports on a Single Phone, Comes with Headphone Jack, Air Triggers and a lot of Customisable Gears that you can purchase separately but what more?

First, let’s Check the Specs of ROG Phone 2 which makes it more desirable for Gamers.

ROG Phone 2 Specs:-

ROG PHONE 2 Display


120Hz Refresh Rated with FHD+ AMOLED Panel that covers HDR+ Content at a Screen Size of 6.59inch.


USB: You get 2USB Type C Ports in the Hand which are made for Charging as well as for Gear Attachment. One Port is at the Bottom where other 1 are situated at the Sidebar.

3.5mm Jack: Where Flagships are running out of headphone Jack but still Asus is not out of the lane in this as after Asus 6Z they have given you 3.5mmJack in ROG Phone 2 as well.

rog phone 2 USB 3.55mm jack

4mics: Yes you get 4 microphones on ROG Phone 2 which gives U ultimate Voice Chat experience while you are Livestraming or taking calls.


Design is Premium and feels good in hand with strong Metal Build + RGB Lights give it a look on which eyes start focusing automatically.
Not hiding the Big Bezels of the Device because there’s no Pop-up or Flip Camera on the Phone so Company has adjusted in the Top Bezel that is not a 2K19 style.


The ASUS ROG Phone 2 comes with Front Facing Stereo Speakers supporting DTS:X Ultra which are enough to track every little step in PUBG without Headphones or listening Music and Jumping on Bed.

Physical Buttons

Here you get Volume Rockers + Power On/Off Button the Right Side. You also get Air Triggers which are on situated on the Left Top and Bottom Side lanes which work as Aiming & Shooting buttons Or Accelerate and Breaks.
It means PUBG Mobile or Asphalt 9 is gonna run seamlessly.


The best Part on this ROG Phone 2 is its Hardware which is Snapdragon 855+ Processor which an Overclocked version of SoC855 + Adreno 640 GPU processor.
Storage type UFS 3.0 with 12GB RAM/512GB Storage that is capable of running High-End Games at Highest Settings.

ROG Phone 2 processor and GPU


As the Display is AMOLED so this time Company has fixed Fingerprint Scanner under Display, which means that you get In-Display Finget Print Scanner (Fast enough) with Face-Unlock option for securiy point-of-view.

Cooling System on ROG Phone 2

Instead of a single Pipe Cooling system you get a Cooling Flat-Pad inside the body that keeps the temperature maintained even at high usage.


6000mAh Battery with 30Wat Fast Charge gives it a boost of Juice and give you a back while gaming that you never backstep.

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ROG Phone 2 comes with ZenUI+Android 9 (Upgradable to Q Beta) with Dual Mode where on 1st you can use it as a normal Phone just like a heavy flagship-grade smartphone but magic appears when you turn on its ROG Gaming Mode that converts the Device in a different dimension. It will give you Animations in Icons, Animated Wallpaper that looks more appealing and brings Sexiness in Tech.

ROG Phone 2 benchmarks

On this ZenUI is basically a bloatware-free experience just like Zenfone 6, which gives a feel of Stock Android, not a Skin.


Rear: 48+13MP Dual Camera at the back is given with Sony IMX 586 Sensor at an Aperture f/1.79 to click Photos in every Condition where 13MP is an Ultra-wide lens to provide a good field view while capturing.
Front: In the Front, you get 24MP Selfie Camera at an Aperture of f/2.0.


The Best Part of ROG Phones is its Attachments, its Nintendo Switch-like joypads, and the Twin View Dock 2, which has a second 120Hz screen, a fan, and a 5000mAh battery inside. You can also get external Thermal Cooling mini Fan which can be fitted to give its Temp a Cooling side.

rog phone 2 attachment list


The whole Frame is made of Aluminium with Gorilla Glass 6 Protection in front at a weight of 240grams that makes a phone a bit heavy then usual smartphones in the market but you have to manage in this segment.


Every Sensor is Present on this Beast like Light Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, etc.


HDR+ Content with Widewine L1 out of the box, Android Q Beta Support, Camera 2 API Enabled for GCam.
It can hold Dual 4G VoLTE Sims without SD Card Support, but although you won’t need it either as 512GB is more than enough for anyone.


Republic of Gamera Phone 2 can come Under a Pricehood of around Rs.50000-70000 but for now, its a Secret for all which Asus has not disclosed, as soon as the Price will reveal we Update it here in this Section.

Review Time

ROG Phone 2 is a True Gaming Beast of 2019 without any doubt but thinking like a usual user maybe it falls back as if you are not a gamer then you may don’t find any interest in this Heavy Build Device & Paying this much for ROG Phone 2. It’s True that its Specs are bloomingly fantastic and become one of the 2nd Device after OnePlus 7/7Pro to give UFS 3.0 Storage, still the Price at which it will come can make it stand behind but if it comes under Rs.50-60K then for Sure with Stamp it is the Phone to stand out as 1st in the market.

ROG Phone 2 front and back

Why? because of its Specs, its Reality and considering its Previous generation of ROG Phone 1 that stucks nowhere it holds that power to fly high.
All and All its a Phone for Gamera not for the person in a Daily use because you don’t need this much of power if I talk frankly still if you think that I want a Mini Pocket Computer where I can use it connecting it to a Desktop with Mouse+Keyboard so this is the best option.


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Pricing is all what all we are waiting for so let’s see how it goes in that if you find it useful and interesting do let us know your Reaction below and leave a comment. Stick with us for more.
Thanks for Reading.