Best Alternative of Google Photos for Free available in India 2021- Must Try

Google is Ending its Google Photos Unlimited Free Storage options for all Android Users Globally so what option do we left with? Check Best Alternative of Google Photos for Free available in India that you must try to save your Files on Cloud.

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Google Photos is ending its Unlimited Photo Storage option from June 1 2021, so what other options are you left with? What are Best Alternative of Google Photos for Free available in India that you can try to store your Photos, Videos & other Media files because Google will only lock you at 15GB Storage space to fill everything. Let’s Read…

Google’s deadline for Unlimited Free Storage end is near, means Google Photos Unlimited storage backup option is ending from June 1st 2021. Google Photos will restrict users to backup Unlimited Photos and Videos on its platform, this will take place with every Android user. Google said that only 15GB of Storage will be provided to users where they can backup their Images, Photos & Videos & Files which you get on Google Drive.

15GB fix storage simply means, you get Google Drive Space of 15GB where you can store everything you need including Documents, Files, Mails, Images, Photos, Videos. Whatever you need is to be fixed in that space, if you want more then you can simply expand it upto 100 to 2TB starting (according to Google One Storage plans).

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But People have a Few Questions in mind like- Will Google Delete our Previous stored Photos & Videos?, What will happen to our Previous Photos on Google Photos, will they get Deleted, etc.!

What will happen to previous Stored Photos and Videos on Google Photos after June 1?

Answer is “NOTHING“, Yes, your Stored Photos & Video on Google Photos will stay there & will not be Deleted or affected, Google officially stated “Filed stored on Google Photos Cloud before 1st June 2021 will stay safe & unaffected from this Update, it will not be Deleted, neither you have to take tension of it, it will stay on our platform in Quality on which you stored them & you can retrieve them anytime you want as you use to do”, so instead of wasting time on “How to Take Backup of Google Photos Data on your Device” you can finally breath deep because all Photos and Video will be safe on Cloud uploaded before June 1 2021.

List of Best Google Photos Alternative Platforms-

  • Telegram Chat Cloud
  • Pinterest Secret Board
  • Snapchat Memories
  • MEGA Cloud Drive
  • Degoo Cloud Drive
  • Google One Plans
  • Amazon Drive
  • Box Cloud
  • pCloud
  • Other Alternatives to Suggest

OK, so Gyan ki baat Complete, now let’s move to our main Topic which is Best Alternative of Google Photos for Free, Remember we are including sources which are paid or have paid subscription optionally to expand flexibility but basically our motive is to focus on Free storage backups for your Photos & Videos.

List of Best Alternative of Google Photos for Free available in India-

NOTE– Some methods can be weird here that you haven’t heard by anyone else in other Videos or Blogs but trust us, we gotch your Back!

Telegram Chat Cloud Storage

how to use telegram cloud in chats as storage option to save photos and videos
Using Telegram Chat Cloud to save Files
  • Way- Manual
  • Technology- Telegram Chat Cloud
  • File Type Compatibility- Photos, Videos, Docs.
  • Fees- Free

If you have ever used Telegram so you know that there you can share large files in Chat, Groups or Channels. Telegram Cloud takes backup of your Media send in a Chat or Group or Channel. If you delete media from your Device, still it stays there for Unlimited Time, Files are not removed until its fragile or illegal or spammed (that only from Public Chats not Private).

Send Media on Telegram can be revived by going into Chats, Search Files & Save to Gallery or Download option, but the only limitation is that this process is manual or not E2E encrypted until its a Private Chat.

In easy language, you can send Files onto Telegram to someone on Private Chat creating Secondary Account or Bot, Send Files to that, now delete files from your device & when you need, just go to same person chat, Sear Media section & download it again.

Pro Tip-You can compile all media in a RAR, put a password on it & send it to Chat. This helps to 2xSafeguard your Media.

Pinterest Private Board

how to use Pinterest private board to save images for free after google photos end unlimited upload option
How to use Pinterest Secret Board to Save Images as Cloud Storage
  • Way- Manual
  • Technology- Pinterest Site Storage
  • File Type Compatibility- Photos & Short Videos
  • Fees- Free

Many must know about Pinterest already, there you get 2 options, First- Make Board Public & Second- Make a Private Board. Pinterest is an Encrypted Platform where no one can peek until you grant them to do so.

But how can I use Pinterest to Backup Photos?, simple- by creating a private board!

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All need to do is Create Pinterest account, Create a Private board naming whatever you want, disable option of Make it Public or Show Publically & Share this Boars option as well. Now go to Board (+) button, Select Image and Upload them to your Private Board safely (here you can’t choose bulk images so individual upload is only what available).

After uploading you can Clean Files, if you want file back so go to Pinterest, Choose Board, Choose image & Download it again. You can create as many Boards as you want with different Names according to your preference.

Snapchat Memories

how to use Snapchat memories to save Photos and Short Videos for Free on Snap as free Cloud Storage after end of Google Photos
Use of Snapchat Memories and Snaps to Save Photos and Short Videos
  • Way- Manual
  • Technology- Using Snapchat Memories
  • File Type Compatibility- Photos & Short Videos
  • Fees- Free

Snapchat is a well known platform among Teens, there you can save Photos & short Clips into Memories, this is more reliable when you use Snapchat to Click Photos or Videos, when you Click a Picture on Snapchat, you can save it to Memories. Just click Arrow to download Copy of the File on your Device & saves one Copy in Memory.

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If you forget to save and post it on Story so by Choosing that story you can Swipe-up & Save it afterwards, after saving in Memory you can Delete File copy from your Device but Memory will stay forever on Snapchat. Memories also from Camera Roll, you can do it by Posting that particular photo to Story & then Save it to memory.

Multiple files choosing option is available, this is also risk free while switching device, just Sign-in on Snapchat>Got to Snaps/Memories>Choose photo or video>Export to Camera Roll, this way you are Done with your work.

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One amazing thing which you get on Snapchat is that all Pics & Vids are sorted according to Months & Years for easy Sorting or Searching.

Mega Drive

MEGA with 50GB free cloud storage is a good alternative of Google Photos to upload photos, videos and files with easy sharing option in India
MEGA Cloud Drive with 50GB Free Space to Upload Files
  • Way- Manual
  • Technology- Mega Drive
  • File Type Compatibility- Photos, Videos & Files
  • Fees- Free/Paid
  • Card Requirement for Signin- No

Mega give you 50GB Free space on each account to store Files like Google Drive, it is an encrypted option where you can Save files. Here you can Upload Files Manually, Available on all Platforms & in case 50GB is less for you, so you can buy more space from plans.

Others– You can even try MediaFire that provides 50GB free space (Click to Read more)

This is a safe platform & easy to use, you can choose Multiple Files, can Download Files easily whenever you need, can Share File Link with others by Generating Link, can set Limitations like Keys to Decrypt or Download limits, etc.

Degoo Cloud Drive

Degoo is one of the best in List of Best Alternative of Google Photos for Free available in India, it gives 100GB free cloud storage to store Media Files on Drive
Degoo Cloud storage is next big option after Google Photos to store Videos and Pics
  • Way- Manual/Automatic
  • Technology- Deego Cloud
  • File Type Compatibility- Photos, Videos & Files
  • Fees- Free/Paid
  • Card Requirement for Signin- Maybe

Less listened but a magical one, 100GB Free Storage option, End-to-End Encryption compatible upto 3 Devices, Auto Sync option for all Files, privacy fitted, Cheap Plans for Expandability, Earn 5GB with each Reference option. We found this one from a depth but worth giving a shot, Degoo can be your next big choice after end of Google Photos Free Unlimited storage drive because it is providing max cloud option among any other in list, a massive 100GB Free Cloud Storage.

Its premium plans are cheap from competitors, even from Amazon Drive which we have listed below.

Google One Plan

Google One is official Google Cloud storage platform to buy more storage to store photos, videos, files, etc. with affordable plan rates
Google One to Buy more storage for Google Photos, Drive, Mails at low price
  • Way- Manual/Automatic
  • Technology- Google Cloud
  • File Type Compatibility- Photos, Videos & Files
  • Fees- Free/Paid
  • Card Requirement for Signin- No

As we said Google is taking a step back from Google Photos Unlimited Free storage but option of Expanding Storage is there. With Google One Plans you can do this at a minimal rate starting from 100GB at Rs.130 per/month or Rs.1300/yr. It is one the cheapest plan provider, secure, safe & most authentic as we all know. 15GB will be provided for free but after that you can Expand as per needs.

Amazon Drive for Photos & Videos

Amazon Drive Cloud storage option is one of the best alternative of Google Photos to store photos, videos and files at affordable rates
Amazon Drive Cloud Storage, best Google Photos alternative
  • Way- Manual/Automatic
  • Technology- Amazon Cloud Drive
  • File Type Compatibility- Photos & Videos
  • Fees- Free/Paid
  • Card Requirement for Signin- No

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At instance you get 5GB Free space where you can store Full Resolution Photos & Files with Alexa support, automatic sync option, multi device control, encrypted format on amazon cloud facility. The starting plan is at $12 (roughly Rs. 800) for one year for 100GB of storage. There is no 50GB and 200GB plan like how Apple offers. You can check all the new pricing for Amazon Drive. It is one of the best alternative our there from Google Drive which we must suggest to try.

Box Cloud

Box Cloud storage comes with 10GB free Cloud storage to store images and videos
Box provide 10GB Free Cloud Drive but is a bit expensive than others
  • Way- Manual/Automatic
  • Technology- Google Cloud
  • File Type Compatibility- Photos, Videos & Files
  • Fees- Free/Paid
  • Card Requirement for Signin- Maybe

Box is another good alternative available for Cloud Storage available across all platforms. It is quite like Drive but here free space you get is only 10GB. You can sync device media on different devices or can upload files automatically by turning auto sync-on. Only problem we found here is Prices, which are truly very high compared to other sources providing same facility, even storage is less acc. to price so we have added it in list but spending truly depends on you.


pcloud drive provide 10GB free cloud storage to store photos and files at good plan rates
pCloud is a good option with 10GB Free Cloud drive storage
  • Way- Manual/Automatic
  • Technology- pCloud Technology
  • File Type Compatibility- Photos, Videos & Files
  • Fees- Free/Paid
  • Card Requirement for Signin- No

10GB Free storage option for Free & then easy upgrades are available on PCloud, its prices are slightly high than Google One Cloud facility but according to pricing we gave it a position in our list because its Lifetime plans are Superb, at $175 you are getting 500GB of Storage, Auto Synchronization, Easy File Share, Fast response, etc.

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But for Encryption you can buy their Encryption plan/lifetime separately to lock everything in an Encrypted format, for more features please check official Site.

Other Google Photos Alternatives

best cloud storage options offering 5gb storage option to users like idrive, icloud, one drive, dropbox, flickr
Sites providing Cloud Storage options upto 5GB for Free

That’s not all we have found but some other good alternatives of Google Photos to store Videos and Photos on Cloud are- iDrive, iCloud, Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox & Flickr.


With this list we hope you some of your tension get resolved because Google Photos backup was a big support for every Android users but by this we all feel a little upset as our bad habits have to end now. Our small request is just to share this link with others so people can get to know of these sources & can get help.

-Thanks for Reading