Best Budget Gaming PC Under Rs.60000 with AMD Ryzen 5 5600x and Fully Future Upgradable (2022)

Best Budget Gaming PC Under Rs.60000 with AMD Ryzen 5 5600x and Fully Future Upgradable (2022)

If you looking to Build a Gaming PC under 60000 then this is the best specs you can choose from, a full spec beast gaming PC under 50K with AMD Ryzen 5 5600X for all purpose fulfillment.
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Earlier we posted a PC Built on GameScrappers where we talked about Budget PC Built Under Rs.20000 with Intel 10th Gen Processor on board, this one is a little more private, special and more RnD Built because this is mine, means yeah mine!. So welcome back to another PC Built on so let’s check the Best Budget Gaming PC Under Rs.60000 with AMD Ryzen 5 5600x. Also, this Built is future upgradable so you can expect to put more RAM, 3000 GPU, SSDs, HDDs, etc etc.

We built this PC because I needed something for myself, earlier I was using Lenovo IP310 but that has been old so wanted something better and powerful, though this built doesn’t include any peripherals like a Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard or anything as the cost is just of CPU itself. We have tried to build it on the latest baseline that be in existence for a decent time. This Budget 60K Gaming PC Built is for those who want to do Gaming, Editing, Designing, etc. stuff smoothly and lag-free.

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Budget Gaming PC Under Rs.60000 with AMD Ryzen 5 5600x and Fully Future Upgradable (wow)

What can be done on this PC Built?

As mentioned, you can do Gaming, Editing, Designing, etc. anything you need. It’s like a monster eating specs because the motherboard and processor is so powerful and the whole specs complement each other so if you try to find a prebuilt of this kind through a company so it easily cost you around 75000+ roughly still not complete because its hand-picked here.

Why I choose AMD Ryzen 5 5600X over Intel 12th Gen 12600K?

The reason is pretty simple, Ryzen 5 5600X Cost you around 20000 to 24000 where Intel 12th Gen i5 12600K is of around 34000+, that is much pretty but a lot more price and this is also not a lite unit that we have used, it is most powerful SoC which you can find in the Indian market (or just Google it), better than Ryzen 7 5600G that cost Rs.35000, so you can expect why we picked this.

Yes, there need for GPU to turn on Display with this Processor but that justifies itself as even with Intel you must need it for (F) series or mostly for the Gaming series.

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Where I got this Built?

I got this built Offline by a shop in Delhi Janakpuri named Shrichand Computers, from there we got this built, if you Built it online then it may cost you a little higher but still extra is like paid off if you are thinking of a good future built machine.

Specs and Parts used in this Budget Gaming PC Under Rs.60000

Is there RGB and Aura Sync for light control?

Yes. there is Aura Sync and RGB onboard and Cabinet fans in front but no RGB in RAM as it was a personal choice, that price is around Rs.1500 higher than this one GSkill Trident but that wasn’t needed so we picked this one. YOu can buy that and can use Aura Sync Software to COntrol RGBs through Screen itself.

What performance you can expect from this and what about Heat issues?

TBH with you so performance is classic, you cant expect more than anything except one thing which is GPU because of the tight budget we chose NVIDIA710 for now as prices are way too high right now so that’s why it turned like this else if you are getting any good deals in GPU or have a budget so you can put up to 3060 on this Motherboard.

Performance-wise you won’t get any lags, stuck, freeze or so, RAM is upgradable up to 120GB and 2 SSD Support, 2 GPU Slots all at one DDR4 most powerful motherful MB with most VRAM available to boost up your experience.

Also, Heat is almost Cool, Thanks to Cabinet design, its grills and 4 FANs because under this budget, Corsair Sectra is irreplaceable with Ports and Tempered Glass design, protected by Gorilla Glass & Mesh at top.

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