Best Budget PC Built Under Rs.20000 with Intel 10th Gen Processor based on DDR4 Motherboard

Best Budget PC Built Under Rs.20000 with Intel 10th Gen Processor based on DDR4 Motherboard

PC Under 20000, heard it right! we made a PC under 20K which have a Graphics Card, a 10th Gen i3 Processor and DDR4 Motherboard with 4GB RAM- you cant skip it surely.
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In a late stake, we got a demand to build a PC under a very tight budget of Rs.2000 only where we are not PC Builder but have knowledge of PCs so we agreed to try something new to see what can be made under this Pricehood and the end product that came was literal a nice one! So welcome to Best Budget PC Built Under Rs.20000 with Intel 10th Gen Processor based on DDR4 Motherboard where we share with you the Best PC Built Under 20K for you- so let’s start…

Not like everyone else but we decided to choose each part ourselves on the list from the Internet and get it assembles offline because of Price differences so the first thing we made a List of Components that are needed to be used in Under 20000 PC Built Setup for Gaming and Office Work and for Kids Education and Learning Work where you can do min. gaming part, enough power supplier for people who are looking for an upgradable future machine.

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This Custom RIG consists of Graphic Card, Intel i3 10th Gen Processor, DDR4 Motherboard, 4GB RAM, 250GB SSD and Cabinet leaving other peripherals that we can take make it up to 30K if we include Display, Keyboard and Mouse, Cabinet and HDD.

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List of PC Parts used in Custom PC Built Under Rs.20000 in 2021

Best Budget PC Built Under Rs.20000 with Intel 10th Gen Processor everything you need to know….

Why No RGBs here?

We tried to make it minimalistic and RGB are just expensive at no cost, if you want to build a Rig then cash bags aren’t necessary to be loaded until you move towards lights. Simpler parts with better hardware are more impressive than showoff so we didn’t choose to pick those components here except in real Rig we used an Old Cabinet as a rescue but you can choose any good cabinet under 1500 range that has enough space for board and a little airflow for stable speeds and load carrier.

What performance we can expect from this Machine and can I do Gaming on this one?

Yes you can do Gaming on this one but not AAA Titles or Heavy Full HD Gaming but, you can Play Games like Velo, CSGO, PUBG, some little Old Games at HD Graphics and run Photoshop for the not hefty task but for learning, it can even handle Filmora Video Editing, Online Work, Accountancy, Business Work etc.

Is it Future Upgradable?

It is upgradable easily in terms of RAM, Storage, Graphics and CPU as well, you can pull out up to 32GB RAM, 1660 Graphics, i5 Processors and more like NVME SSD n HDDs. So anytime you wanna invest more for more hulk feels then it’s a get to go machine.

So this was a quick Built under 20K for everyone who is looking for a budget segment Custom PC Rigs and one suggestion will be to try offline markets instead of flicking Online for better price tags.

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