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This post was most recently updated on May 3rd, 2020

Finding a Good Phone case is hectic sometimes as it is a kinda difficult job to get into but still, at any cost, we want to save our Smartphones from Damage, Drops, Falls, etc. And for that, we put weird Expensive Covers which cost a lot, sometimes around ₹500-1000 which makes no sense when you can get a 360 Protection for your Mobile at just ₹140 or less.

TPU Cases in the Phone Boxes are of just no use and made of low-quality Plastic that cant protect your Phone, but this Plastic Case has saved my Phone Multiple Times from Accidental Damages which is so Cheap that after buying this I can even get a Skin for my Phone.

Notice here is that its almost impossible to find these kind-of cases in the market but can purchase online easily, sometimes even for ₹90 (depends on your model), I am not assuming that you can get these covers for every Smartphone but still, there is a lot to find.

The best thing is the thick Bumps on each Corner of the Phone Case which highly protect your Phone on almost every level. It also provides a good grip to your phone in hands.
As the most bumping Covers comes in a transparent style so it keeps the original look of your mobile in front of your eyes.

Cut-outs for each section is specified on the cover like-charging port, headphone jack, fingerprint scanner, etc. 1 major disadvantage for these covers is that they fall Yellowish with time (after 6months-1yr) and its natural for every Plastic Case.

I have been using my Plastic Bumper Cover for more than a year and I still feel satisfied with it, so if you are interested to Purchase them then check out the Links below to Purchase Now:
Redmi Note 5 Pro-
OnePlus 7Pro-
Galaxy S10-!!vPToNNNN

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