list of best places to buy laptop, mobiles, accessories, desktop, pc parts at cheapest rate in delhi india

Best Place in Delhi to Buy Cheap Electronics- List of Places in Delhi to Buy Tech at Lowest Price (Tech Travel)

If you are searching for the best market places in Delhi to Buy Cheap Tech and Electronics then this can help you to find, Best Place in Delhi to Buy Cheap Tech is a guide for all.

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Delhi is the capital of India, and India’s heart is Delhi. You can find every cuisine, person, religion here in India but today we are sharing the Best Places in Delhi to Buy Cheap Tech like Laptops, Camera, Smartphone, Desktop, Accessories, etc. at the lowest rates when you visit here. These Places can provide you the lowest rate in the Market which is somehow magical as you dont get anywhere else. This List of Places in Delhi to Buy Tech at Lowest Price will definetly be a Bookmarker for you. Just like Banglore is an IT Hub, Delhi’s Tech Market are Cheapster Hub because 90% Import/Export is done here only, openly where Wholesalers are Retailers and you can buy best around electronics at lowest rates from these markets.

Welcome to Tech Travels by FreshFounder incorporate with ShwetaTom, the list here today tell you and shows you the versatility of why Delhi Wholesale Tech Markets are so Cheap and Places you can visit to buy Cheap Electronics. Lets explore Delhi’s market to Buy Cheap Electronics and Tech at Lowest Price with this quick guide.

These days we are more in mankind things, the digital revolution has exponentially expanded the list to include computer, laptops, cameras, mobile phone, television, air-conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers and the different accessories which are equally essential when using them.

Affordability is a major aspect whether you are looking for a cheap mobile, laptop or wish to get a damaged laptop repaired at an affordable price, Now, you are looking for the place, where to go or which place is best for you. I’m informing you that these markets are the main and here you have to be the best bargain person.

Don’t worry, we are already stepping in to help you! These four electronic markets in Delhi cater to all your gizmo needs and Problems (How?), because they sell from a Pen to Tab and Screen to Monitor everything you need in Electronic or Gizmodo.

List of Places in Delhi to Buy Tech at Lowest Price

  1. Gaffar Market (Karol Bagh)
  2. Wazirppur Commercial Complex
  3. Nehru Place Market
  4. Bhagirath Palace
  5. Lajpat Rai Market
  6. Janakpuri Market

NOTEThese Markets also have Fake Sellers who sell First Copy or Worst Copy of almost every Device and Accessory, it’s on you that if you can select the best and original for you or a place whos a genuine seller.

Its always suggested that if you are thinking of going to such places then try to get some references through your relatives so you dont get trapped in fraudsters scam.

Also, be a Bargainer at every shop, ask for the best Prices, Low and Lowest then only you can crack the best Deals- ProTip

List of Best Place in Delhi to Buy Cheap Electronics- Hidden Real Markets to Buy Cheapest Deals

Long story short we have told you above the markets we gonna cover here so now let’s see why these are our top choice & why we like them the most because these tech places in Delhi never relax (even in COVID) and after relaxation, they are on their full thrust working like before because of popularity and demand.

Nehru Place

Nehru Place is on top of Best Place in Delhi to Buy Cheap Tech because Nehru Place is one of the most popular and designated markets among PC, Laptop buyers where you can get everything at the cheapest rates

Nehru place is one of the most popular and hyped electronic market in south Delhi, and the hype shouldn’t be taken for granted as the market really live up to its name. It has a mix of grey market and original products. While on the one hand, you’ll find a guy in the street trying to sell screen guards for laptops, on the other, there’ll be the legitimate store of brands like Apple, Lenovo and Nokia.

Nehru Place is the biggest space in Delhi with all kind of shops and even they have their own directory Site by name of NehruPlaceMarket where you can check stuff they sell there and numerous Shops, Prices, etc. but when you go in real you can even bargain more in person.

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Gaffar Market (Karol Bagh)

gaffar market in Delhi is famous for multipurpose household, tech gadgets and lighting stores, from gaffar you can buy smart lights at cheap rates easily

Gaffar Market offers thousands of electronic and electronic items, Especially mobile Phones. Buy a second-hand iPhone for Rs. 10,000 with a one-year warranty.

The bigger stores offer a huge discount on new products. On daily basis, thousands of imported items unload here like play stations, home appliances and other gadgets.

Gaffar has considered as one highlight that almost everyone knows about in Delhi to buy Electronics, Lights, etc. It’s a busy place with so many side shops, stops complexes, everything at one place.

Wazirpur Commercial Complex

Wazirpur is hub of industries in Delhi and also famous for electronic stores selling all type of gadgets, electronics, appliances at low rates original

Standing at par with Nehru Place, Wazirpur is an industrial area that is known for buying and assembling computers. In fact, this market is one of the largest in the country when it comes to selling hardware and spare computer parts. So, if you’re looking to assemble a pc for yourself or thinking of repairing an old one.

Delhi, Wazirpur market is famous for stores and industrial area that has built this place but a few know that this place is a gem of different electronics stores which sell Electronics at Cheap Rates or you can say on Wholesale prices.

Bhagirath Palace

bhagirath palace delhi stores sell mobile phones, accessories, cameras, smartphones, mobile covers, cables at very low rates you should visit ones

Bhagirath Palace is a wholesale market in old Delhi where you can buy electronics and lighting for your home decor at the cheapest prices. There are hundreds of shops to choose from, and they basically have everything- graphics, chips, spare parts for computers, phone or other electronic stuff.

Lajpat Rai Market

lajpat rai market delhi is famous for cheap lights and wholesale rates on almost everything from electronics to lights to phones

Different from other markets Lajpat rai market in south Delhi, this one is situated in old Delhi, right opposite the Jain temple, near Bhaigrath Palace. The Lajpat rai market has something for everyone, from fake Chinese knock off to original gadgets.

Bonus: Janakpuri Market

One bonus place for all which I personally really liked after exploring a little for PC Parts and Custom PC or peripherals, even Camera is Janakpuri District Center & Schrichand Store (non-sponsored!), their sop is quite old in terms of the place where it is since years & even the rates are well exclusive- even better than Nehru Place which is quite surprising so you must try out if you like.


A few we didn’t mention but you can try for sure are Janakpuri, a hub of Service Centres of almost all brand that works in India. Janakpuri in Delhi also holds many shops which sell Hardware and Software both at Cheap Rates. And to add some more Mobile Market Old Delhi, Jhandewalan, 12 Khambba can also consider visiting if you are in deep searches with plenty of time.

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-Thanks for Reading.

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