Best Shops and Places in Delhi to buy Custom PC Parts and Builts

Best Shops and Places in Delhi to buy Custom PC Parts and Builts Cheap

If you want to built a custom PC and searching for some Offline shops in Delhi to build your PC at affordable rates or cheap PC parts like GPU, Processors, etc. then do check this Best Shops and Places in Delhi to buy Custom PC Parts and Builts Cheap list.
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This post was most recently updated on 1st Jul, 2022

This post is coming after spending almost Rs.85000, no not kidding but seriously this post is coming after spending money on 2 Builds that we have already posted on our Website and to let you know the Best Shops and Places in Delhi to buy Custom PC Parts and Builts Cheap so you have landed at a very right place, it is not sponsored but it’s genuine as a buyer and Delhited to help buying Computer Parts, Builts, Custom PC, etc. in Delhi.

We built 2 PCs, one under 20000 and another of around 60000, also travelled the distance from Nehru Place to Sadar Bazar, Janakpuri but at last, found our Destination shop which we confirmed to spend money on and to built our PCs. Let me share with you the Shops and Places in Delhi where you can buy Custom PC Parts and Builts at a very competitive rate which not only provide you best prices but all parts as well that you really miss in the ordinary market. The list contain best shops to checkout under Offline market that are selling at brand new parts at a valuable price.

List of Best Shops and Places in Delhi to buy Custom PC Parts and Builts

1. Shrichand Computers Janakpuri, New Delhi

Shrichand Computers Janakpuri, New Delhi is best cheap custom pc parts shop

One of the best and top places on our list is Shrichand Computers from where we got our PC, this Shop is 23 years old which is scratching Nehru Place bulls by sitting in Janakpuri, it is one of the best Computer and PC Parts shops at the best rate that provides you GST Billed parts means total authentic & they are trusted, also there were some parts which was unavailable at Nehru Place but here they have it all. Also, they help you out to built a custom RIG but you should have some knowledge or RnD wherever you go so go like a nerd. Also keep in mind its a bit crowded, small, not like a Showroom feel but a wholesale store only.

In short, if you want the best cheap rates on Computer Parts and Builts or Peripherals, this is a must-visit and recommended.

Direction- Vishal Tower, No.G/2, Janakpuri District Center, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110058

2. SMC International Nehru Place Computer Market, New Delhi

SMC International Nehru Place Computer Market, New Delhi is a must try visit shop for custom pc builts

It is also an old player and can easily be noticeable, also well known at the place. SMC International in Nehru Place is one of the most known shops, you can check their Videos on YouTube. We check out the shop and their Prices are competitive or even can say one of the best at Nehru Place but the best is at Top already.

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They also offer almost all parts according to your requirement with welcoming guesting, a big full-fledged showroom with AC and like small heaven for PC Lovers, the staff is assisting, nice environment. Yes, it’s not like a wholesale shop like SHrichand but a in Nehru Place a top prior location to checkout.

Direction- B-10 & B-11, Meghdoot Building, 94, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

3. Bitkart Nehru Place, New Delhi

Bitkart Nehru Place, New Delhi is online portal for custom pc built that you should watch out

Online Shark for Custom PC Built-in Delhi or Indian and even internationally. Their early name was Mass Computers established in the 90s but gradually came online. To be honest, after visiting their office it’s a feel and vibe in itself, everything is transparent, secured.

When I visited to the office so they explained to me when you order a PC so you can ask them to have direct Camera access of the fitting room with live recording to check everything onsight sitting at home so no part gets placed wrongly or duplicated. You can order everything online, get delivered safely. Even if you like to go there that’s also an option but the Online Custom Built option is a good way.

One thing which is noticeable is little high prices compared to other shops may be because they have a big part to maintain, more ethical followings, Ecom Cart facility & maintenance of all such things.

Direction- 405/406/407, Manjusha Tower, Level 4, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

So this are our short list of Best Custom PC Parts Shops which not only assemble but built PCs as well at a cheap and affordable rate in an offline market near Delhi. Mostly you find the name of Nehru Place only because only a few know other locations and obviously it is most known but going off roads sometimes can bring big saving so must checkout to explore these areas and let us know if you know some more on our Social Handles.

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