Best ways to get Instagram Likes for Free on Posts 2019!

Instsgram has been a Big spot for every influencer but what matters the most is getting Likes on your Posts because that’s the thing which makes an influencer an influencer in real, therefor today I share with you Best ways to Get Instagram Likes on your Insta Post for Free almost everyday with no Limits.

It is a Simple & Quick Likes Hack for Instagram users to boost performance of their profiles.

Things to Remember:

  • Make sure that your Account is Public, not Private
  • If you have a FB Page then try to Connect it with your Profile as a Bussiness Account, that helps people to get attracted
  • Never try to Spam your Post or Account with weird Posts
  • Always try to be Original and Engaging with your People on Insta, like do Polls, QnAs, etc.

How to get Free Instagram Likes every 24 Hour?

Getting likes naturally can be difficult but if you get some boost in the starting then it becomes easy to run further, so here I will let you know about some sources & points through which things can become easy for more engagement and landings.

  • Use sites like Famoid for 100 Free Insta Likes-

This is easy, fast & secure. All you need is your Insta Post Link>Paste to the Blank Colum on Site>Submit>Get 100 Likes for Free Daily.

the best ways to get instgagram likes on your every post leglly without any span and money spending

This makes work easy to give it a Boost, you can get a good ranking factor after the thing that can make your post shine with a particular Hashtag.

  • Use Like Exchange Method-

I previously posted a blog about “How to Get Instagram Followers for Free” so from that same way you can get Instagram Likes as well, with the same sources they can provide you with the way to Increase Instagram Likes, Click Here to Know More (All you need to change is just Choose Likes instead of Followers).

  • Use 25-30 #tags-instagram likes hack to use hashtags in post while posting on insta for more likes

Yes it is important to use some good hashtags related to your Post Content, suppose if you are posting things related to Technology or Fashion then use #beautyblog, #techgyaan, #technerd, #todaysoutfir, etc. which makes your Post easier to find by the people while scrolling & if they feel engaged and Like it so you will get Likes. 

  • Be Consistent on a Topic-

Choose 1 Theme to move with not like a mixed of Daal-Chawal where everything is messed-up, the related niche can catch related people but a whole mess can create trouble only. 

  •  Set Quantity with Quality-

Here comes 2 things, 1st is Quantity of Post you are Posting in a Day/Week, I recommend to post once in a week or 2ce a day. This is because if people can get a daily dose or a dose that can make them happy after waiting.

2nd is Quality, means that whatever you post be sure of its quality as nowadays people want quality than quantity so try to make Posts in higher resolution, attractive, edited, which can look appealing! 

  • Try to ask people opinions-

Yes, this is a smart & a good trick for gaining engagement over your post that can land to get likes, under your Post caption try to ask people about their opinions, questions, queries, etc. which they like to Answer.

By this, they feel you care about them & more-likely they would like to Follow & Like you continuously instead of forgetting about your Profile. 


As just told above that tricks must be found by yourself for more likes, this way you can be more engaging to people with creative mindset before Posting each post. 

Getting famous is easy but getting engaged is tough & to get Like on Instagram first Engagement is very much needed.

I hope you liked the article, must wait for your Comments below,& for your Shares,

Thanks for Reading.

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