Best Zoom App Alternatives for Online Video Conferencing Classrooms

After Zoom App has been alleged for Data Leakage & Breaching report by Vice...Check the Best Alternative for VideoConferencing for Online Classrooms..Free

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As its Quarantine Time and every School / Collage is setting up webinars online, we brought you Best Zoom App Alternatives for Online Video Conferencing Classrooms to Download and Use for Free.

“If you might know so Zoom App has become the most Downloaded App on Playstore for its Online Classroom feature but just after its hype reports have started coming that the Zoom App is leaking Data & Breaching everyone’s information with allegations that its employees were found watching Pornography.” – Vice Report

Zoom then had to rewrite parts of its privacy policy after it was discovered that users were susceptible to their personal information being used to target ads. User information is also reportedly being leaked because of an issue with how Zoom groups contact. Perhaps the most damning issue came to light yesterday.”- The Verge Report

“Popular video conferencing app Zoom is in trouble once again. According to an online report a security bug has been found in the app. As reported by Vice, Zoom is leaking users’ data such as email addresses, user photos and is also allowing some users to start a video call with strangers.” – TOI Report

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Due to this person getting confused about what alternative do they have to work with other than Zoom App that’s Free and suitable for Online Classes & VideoConferencing Webinar, after finding a bit we found some great apps that can make this happen n that’s all for Free.

Most of them come from trusted Backgrounds working for a Long & can be used as an Alternative of Zoom App to take Online Classes. Apps are Suitable for Web, Windows, Android & IOS, so no matter what base you have it works like a charm.

List of Best Zoom App Alternatives for Online Video Conferencing Classrooms:

skype is Best Zoom App Alternatives for Online Video Conferencing Classrooms
  • Skype / Skype Lite-

Available for Web, Windows, Android & IOS which can hold up to 50 People conference at a time to take an Online Class. You can do chat even while Classroom Conferencing.

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Features Supported are like- Text sending, Emojis, Picture sharing, Doc sharing, camera & location sharing. You should try it now 7 suggest others.

google classroom videoconferencing is the best alternatives for online classroom
  • Google Classroom-

Another legit resource by Google itself to take Online Classes as the name itself is Webinar, it can be used with G Suite Free account & is available on most platforms like Web, Windows, Android, IOS. You can check out Videos below “How to Use Google Classroom” to start your online classroom.

messaging app google hangouts can be used for online classes video call
  • Google Hangout-

Although a Messaging App more likely you can do Video Classroom Conferencing to take Online Classes for 25 participants & 150 People on Text chat.

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You can make groups & can do sessions as well as per your choice.

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discord online communication platform where you can perform online classroom making accepting video conferencing classroom for online school class
  • Discord-

Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application and digital distribution platform designed for video gaming communities, that specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and web browsers.

To know how to make Online Webinar on Discord TAP HERE, also you can take the help of the video embed below.

starleaf if a good option to take online classed with videoconferencing at lockdown
  • StarLeaf-

StarLeaf is a UK-based company that provides voice and video conferencing systems for conference rooms and desktops, and software clients for mobile users.

It is available for every Platform & is basically made for taking Classrooms online & for VideoConferencing Classrooms that can help for Taking Online Classes.

jitsi meet is advance real time communication tool for video classroom conferencing
  • Jitsi Meet-

It is an Online Classroom platform made for video conferencing, meetings, or for a discussion panel. You c=dont need to have an account for using it & is 100% safe & encrypted as well. You can take Video Classrooms with your students just by anywhere with your Device.

  • Other Alternatives-

For some other alternatives, you can check Cisco Webx & MS Teams which are more secure & are from valid sources, HERE I have another list picked the best for you.

I shared all these alternatives of Zoom App and told you the best Video Conferencing classroom platforms that can help you & your teachers because everyone’s privacy is the priority.

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Educating on the worth of personal information is no less than giving your brain to someone else so I suggest you Please share this Blog everywhere, especially to your nearby so that they can be safe and can move to a different alternative of Zoom to protect Data Breach.

-Thanks for Reading.