BLEAVE App Best Alternative to Remove China Apps for Android

After ban over Remove China App a new similar App has come forward...Bleave is another best alternative, Why?...Check Now...

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In past, we shared How to Boycott Made in China Products & Apps but just after that Google Play Removed Remove China Apps from Platstore even after a Hit, following that 3nions came with a solution- BLEAVE App as one of the Best Alternative of Remove China Apps.

The App is Secured, Reliable, Simple to use so in this we gonna check what is BLEAVE, How it Works, is it compelling or not…

BLEAVE it automatically detects the apps that can potentially harm your device and are Chinese. That’s not it, BLEAVE also detects apps that you might wanna uninstall because they are Made in China and replace it with their better alternatives as per your need.

Why do we consider BLEAVE as Remove China Apps Alternative?

bleave app showing all built in Chinese app and their alternatives in a Chinese smartphone

The App is simple because it works like that but not only like that, it’s even better (Why?) because it provides you alternatives as well. We explain how…

  • Download Bleave App from HERE.
  • After Installation opens the App.
  • It will start scanning and shows you the list of Chinese Apps your Mobile has.
  • You can click on Replace.
  • App also shows you the size of the App under the Installed Tab.
  • Once you click on Replace it takes you to another Window where similar Apps will suggest under Trusted App Name alternatives
  • You can Install the Alternative or can Remove the Selected App
  • Removing means Uninstalling from your Smartphone


The app is totally safe and secure, even it doesn’t ask you for any permissions as well as other apps do. So, in short, it isn’t asking your Device access in any way but just helping you to remove Made in China Apps from your Smartphone, means full security with no hazards.

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bleave app special features in which it shows if an app is chinese so it detects the code even if its not totally chinese but related to china
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Bleave also shows Built-in Apps which comes from company side like Mi Phones have Mi Browser, Mi Store, etc. this App detects them as well and show you alternatives with remove option because they those are Made in China Apps.

Not only this it showed me 8 Ball Pool as Chinese because Miniclips Parent organization is Tencent and it’s Chinese so you can think how good it works. 

App has its own Policy over 3nions Page which anyone can look at and if you want to suggest an App to them which you find Chinese and is not listed in the App or as Alternative, they bringing in-app feature for that or you check Fill it HERE

You can check the Uninstalled List under Uninstalled tab by which a record can be kept what you have removed & whatnot.

Yes you can see some Ads and there’s no Premium version for that to remove ADS, 3nions said “We have placed some minimal Ads to generate some simplest revenue from it to make the app better and to develop more”, which is true as they are not annoying and won’t frustrate you too.


BLEAVE is Made in India and for India, that helps to bring down Chinese Apps from your Android Smartphone and helps to remove them with no waste left. So if you have missed Remove China Apps then this solution can be found on the Play Store to check.

-Thanks for Reading.

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