BlueStacks X is a new way of Playing Games on Cloud for Free on any Device

BlueStacks X is a new way of Playing Games on Cloud for Free on any Device

An all-new tech under gaming by Worlds most known Android Emulator Company Bluestacks launched BlusStacks X, it is a new way of Playing Games on the Cloud for Free on any Device- Know more about it here.
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We all know about BlueStacks or must have heard of it but as time is changing, the market is changing BlueStacks introduced, BlueStacks X, which is a new way of Playing Games on the Cloud for Free on any Device like Android, Windows, iOS, Discord. It is one of the first services to be launched and you can try it right now at any Specs with Internet, How? Let’s Check.

BlueStacks X is a new way of Playing Games on the Cloud for Free on any Device as they have launched their most demanding way of Gaming which the company was working on for a long. BlueStacks X is a cloud base Gaming Service that allows you to Play Android Games on any platform, anywhere, anyhow on any Device no matter what your specs are, all you need is good internet.

BlueStacks X is a new way of Playing Games on Cloud for Free on any Device- But whats interesting in that?

It is combined with Amazon’s AWS Graviton servers, right now company has launched it under Beta version with 14 Games on board where they have promised to bring more in the coming weeks and add up. Games like Raid: Shadow LegendsDisney Sorcerer’s Arena, and Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars are all available today. You can also use the regular native app to play more than 200 games that aren’t available in the cloud just yet.

BlueStacks X has also created its own Discord bot, Cloudy, that will integrate into Discord servers and allow friends to launch cloud-based Android games and share their gameplay sessions with others, report says- “We’ll also allow you to customize what games you want on your server, and if you play those games together you automatically get connected to a Discord voice channel so everyone can just click and play the cloud game,” explains BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma, by The Verge.

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A social feed will also be integrated into Discord, so if your friend buys a gun in a game, it might appear in the Discord feed much like how PlayStation and Xbox display achievements in their social feeds. “It’s like what Venmo did to PayPal,” says Sharma. “PayPal was just sending money and Venmo made it into a social feed.

The new service is built in collaboration with, a hybrid cloud computing company, using this hybrid technology to empower your gaming bones. It brings a totally new way to the gaming industry even for people who like to play but doesn’t have proper systems. They are running it for Free based on Ads but might later ad a part of the Subscription on premium Games.

Not only BlueStacks but even Netflix is said to be working on some kinda Tech joining Google, MS, Amazon owns Cloud Gaming service and more in the field.

Well, I tried it personally and even on low specs, it loaded slow but eventually, after 2mins it was buttery smooth.

How to use BlueStacks X on your Devie for Free?

  • Visit BlueStacks X Ofical Website
  • Login with Facebook or Google
  • Choose a Game avaialbe to Play in Beta
  • Let the Game load and Start Playing
  • NOTE- Make sure no matter what your system specs are or what device you are using but Internet conenction should be good to Load everything on time accurately as bad internet land you a laggy experince which you obv don’t like!

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