Boult Bassbuds Storm X Review with Deep Bass under Rs.399?

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Welcome to the another Deal Breaking Blog Post on our Site, Today we check Boult Bassbuds Storm X Review and see are they the best in-Earplugs under Rs.400 which are by an Indian Brand? So if you thinking to buy a pair of these Bassbuds StromX by Boult then stick with us.

We purchased this (Bass) Buds by Boult from Amazon for Rs.390 (350 Normal)  including all Taxes & Delivery Charges as after checking it is said one of the best available in this range with so many positive Reviews by Buyers & even they have a Version 2.0 as well Boult Bassbuds Strom X2 which are slightly more expensive.

Boult is an Indian Brand office in Wazirpur, Delhi & it is a new Audio Company which is doing good TBH. At 350 we say for Bass Lovers its definitely a worth giving because they come with Deep, like excessive Deep [BASS!], don’t think wrong 😛 as I can say as per price point.

Boult Bassbuds Storm X Review:

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Outer Box it looks compact and small where Specs mentioned were like 1Year Warranty with Warranty Card inside the Box, AL Structure Style, L-Shaped Connector, Deep Bass & 3D Acoustics, Built-In-Mic, Price 999, Built in Micro woofers & Made in China at back (No No Wait Wait)…

Inside Box you get Pair of Bassbuds Strom X by Boult, some Ear tips, a Warranty Card which you can use to avail Warranty of the Product.

They come with a Round Design that fits well & built with plastic overall except area with a hole which feels metal. Wire is long enough & seems of good Quality (not tangle free).

Dhokha is that on box they mentioned L-Shaped Connector where reality its Straight :/ that is not good for gaming purpose or normal use because straight connectors fracture more quickly & obviously if L is mentioned then we want that L-Connector (what you thinking huh?)

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Boult Bassbuds Storm X Review with Deep Bass under Rs.399

Voice Quality of Bassbuds StromX-

As mentioned, they have Deep Bass, feel is also quite good and not anguished, Tribbles are a bit disturbed and abnormal where Vocals sound like tickled, means Tribbles & Vocals both aren’t perfect instead kaam chalau type.  Mic is good in terms of Calling purpose and you can handle them wearing for a decent long, don’t try to push Volume Rockers at Max otherwise the Bass really goes in Deep into your Ears and can be cautious.

Boult Bassbuds StromX Buy Here-


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All n all they are nice, maybe be some misleading at a few points still manages to cover up the price, also suggesting some other wonderful alternatives of these mentioned below to check out on Amazon which you can buy.

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We liked them overall as it’s an Indian Brand, but Origin is China that’s a thing we thought but not surprising as its just Normal. For more you can Subscribe our Bell icon Notify & Comment what you think of this Review.

-Thanks for Reading.

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