Chrome Extension for COVID19 Vaccine Slot Checker India (Book Slots in Seconds)

Book COVID Vaccination Slot in Seconds, you can Try Chrome Extension for COVID19 Vaccine Slot Checker India. It is a useful Tool to Find Slots and get Alert on your Browser of available Slots so you don't miss any Chance.

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COVID is spreading on a mass-scale in India, people are worried about their family & searching for COVID Vaccination Slots but getting no success, in this hard time we have bring you a very useful Chrome Extension for COVID19 Vaccine Slot Checker India, with this you can Find Vaccine Slots in Seconds that even near to your district. Extension name is “COVID Vaccine Slot Checker- India” made by Yogesh Joshi & we have tested it ourselve. In this Article we tell you how you can use this Chrome Extension to Book your COVID Vaccine Slot easily in Seconds.

Don’t get Panic or irritated, we have a solution! If you want to Book COVID Vaccination Slot Online through Co-Win Website and everytime you try, it gets out of stock/booked then mentioned Chrome Extension for COVID Vaccine Slot Checker is your relief provider.

COVID19 Vaccination Slot Checker Extension is specially available for Chrome or Chromium based Browsers only, here in our test we have used Microsoft Edge, this can be used on Mac or Windows, to Install it & find Vaccination Slots all you need is Chrome support that’s it.

What Problem people are Facing to Register for COVID19 Vaccination in India?

Basic problem India right now is facing is whenever you try to Book a Slot from Official Website of Govt of India for Vaccination, they show Booked or Slots-out, this is making people irritated, frustrated and annoying because Crisis is knocking doors & even after promoting Vaccine Drive no Slots are available, this is why with this Chrome Extension you can get COVID Vaccine Slot Alert on your Browser in every 30sec & from there you can Book directly.

Govt. making diversed excuses, blaming each other, creating newsense, but in all this Normal Civilians & people facing Pandemic are crushed, we are not getting slots to get Vaccinated, people are dying on roads & the hit Second Wave has given to our Nation will be remembered in History.

How to Use Chrome Extension for COVID19 Vaccine Slot Checker India and Find Vaccination Slot in Seconds

Extension we are talking about here is safe to use in terms of Privacy, it is new so features will be added with time like right now it dosen’t have option to choose Vaccine, Time, Age above 45, very few Districts are missing from list (very local ones) but we hope Developers will fix it soon in coming days.

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NOTE– As mentioned above this Extension is supported by Chrome based browsers so you can Download Google Chrome to try this or Chromium Based Browers can work like charm too. Also this can only be used on PC only so you must need a Laptop or Computer to try this out. (Best Timing to Try- 4PM to 9:30PM IST).

  • Download & Add COVID Vaccine Slot Checker India Chrome Extension on your Browser
  • Click on Extension (Indian Flat at Top Right Corner)
  • Choose Poll Interval or you can say Refresh Time from 30sec to 15min
  • Age (18 or 45)
  • Search By Details like Pin Code or District (Filling both is Mandatory)
  • You can first Choose your District & then can Fill Pin Code of your Area
  • Set Notification Type
  • Click on Submit
  • UpdateYou can use it on Mobile using Kiwi Browser Chrome Extension Support (Tested)

A List of Slots will appear below under the Extension mentioning Age, Zip Code, Slot Center Address, Date Availability & Number of Slots Availability with Book option, moment you click on Book it redirect you to Signin Page, all you need to do now is register as fast as you can before your slot get picked by anyone else.

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Suggestion– If you are using this Extension then keep your Account Ready already, be Signed-in or atleast Create an Account already filling all details like Proof, Name, Age, Location so that when you Book, thing left is to typein your Mobile Number, get OTP which save time with increase in chances of getting slot booked on your name.

Other Sources providing COVID Vaccine Slot Alerts on Email & Notification-

We hope this Chrome Extension help you to get Vaccine Slot & get you Vaccined to be Safe & Secure from Coronavirus, we have already posted Articles on Precautions & Tutorial on “How to Register for COVID Vaccination Online in India”, links are Tagged within article.- Be Protected, Stay healthy.

-Thanks for Reading.

Also Thanks to our Contributor for Sharing this Source- Soumodeep

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