Controversy: POCO X2 Users Report Camera Dead issue but Country Director Anuj Sharma blames YouTubers?

Recently a big Controversy took place where POCO X2 Users Report Camera Dead issue but Country Director Anuj Sharma blames YouTubers, but why this happened & what was reaction of public?

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You might have got a few things by Title & Cover img but this all started when POCO X2 Users Report Camera Dead issue but Country Director Anuj Sharma blames YouTubers for it in a Tweet when almost whole Tech YouTube India Community gathered together to respond this unprofessional tweet  after which Replies, Tweets, Memes were insane & Anuj after response was also amazing like just anything.

After an OTA Update over POCO X2 device, some users started complaining about Camera Dead & non-functional issue on Twitter and community, the issue was so vital that it was annoying who were facing it, after that Anuj Sharma, Country Director India tweeted something that made twitter a roller-coster, instead of accepting Companies fault he blamed “YouTubers” ohh sorry (autocorrect) “YouTube” for it?

News Update: POCO X2 Camera issue solution Response by Company

Finally after almost 1.5 week POCO officially responded over Camera Dead issue on POCO X2, M2 & X3 Pro Devices with a list of solution which users can apply to fix dead camera issue on devices. An image has been posted with a Greeting message and steps to be taken. You can Apply Software solutions on POCO X2 Devices as mentioned in below tweet by officials, kindly check & try, else you can ping us on Twitter if you face problem.

POCO X2 Users Report Camera Dead issue after OTA Update?

Check these Tweets to know what exactly happened, and by the way, it was a Stable Update according to company which they rolled out for everyone, maybe you might be thinking its a Custom ROM or Beta (no, its Stable version).

Even after passing couple of days, company didn’t respond anything regarding this issue but somehow from somewhere Anuj Sharma Tweet comes which you can see below-

Turning Point Alert: POCO X2 Users Report Camera Dead issue but Country Director Anuj Sharma blames YouTubers?

Under which a user asked for X2 Update issue replying to his tweet in comments,

Now from here the Controversy starts…

Anuj Sharma blame YouTubers for X2 Camera issue:

After above tweet what he replied to this user was something that no one was ready for & even not expecting such thing. Anuj Said-

Here things turned bad for Team & further what you see is not something we usually get to see everytime.

This statement was clearly targeting YouTubers who raised or consumers who asked brand about the issue, but was it a good reply by a brand representative who consider themselves India’s No.1 Brand for Smartphones Selling. Does it reflect professionalism from a person on such a post?

Instead of providing solution or telling people what’s wrong he was more concerned to cover it up on others, did YouTubers created this issue or company’s update? Who served it update?

We know brands like Apple, MS, ASUS, OnePlus have done these things in past to slow down device performance by giving update but not anytime made it dead for something or played blame game, also Apple had accepted it after a while that Yes, they have done it to increase sales.

Meme wave was huge after this as you can see below, even some Reviewers denied to review POCO Phones because of this tweet but that only makes loss of Viewers who want to get knowledge about it & see device from that particular person.

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But Story dosen’t end here, the reply was not only lame but stupid too, Anuj from POCO replied after almost 2-3hrs after milk was boiled & spilling out, he tweeted-

What’s’ the difference between YouTubers & YouTube?, are they both 2 separate bases & even if his means was for some particulars so he should have mentioned it if they have guts but throwing everyone in the pool to hide yourself is always a cause of problem. Big YouTubers like C4eTech, GeekAbhishek, Naman Deshmuk, Anirudh Sahoo, etc. raised question that how YouTube can be autocorrected to YouTubers? It can be typo but not autocorrect right?

This was always a convo of saying just Sorry for Mistake & giving a believe that company will work on patches ASAP & will provide it to users so the issue can be fixed but instead of apologizing & playing fair, they tried to play wrong.

Does POCO have Beta Community?

From first tweet posted on Anuj profile it clears they have it but do they work on it?, Yes, they do, from a start point MIUI was running Open Beta & Beta Community program which moved to private beta in around 2019, now they have specific enrollment base where you can catch early updates, also not to mention POCO devices still run on MIUI Only! (don’t forget).

Why POCO X2 Camera issue happening-

This issue occurred because maybe it was not tested fully or maybe on POCO Devices, in a talk we understood that its happens because device get heated & app crashes, same thing can be noticed in many brands devices not POCO specifically, but here its not even opening properly even at normal temp. this clearly shows developer side & company fault that they did this & released it (Video attached in above tweet). 

Company should create a solution because if Anuj have mentioned that they have BETA community then this must have come in notice (makes sense?) which not everyone is talking about, then how did this happen, what fast go way they were looking for? Just provide Monthly security patches, OT updates in 2-3 month but stable ones (that what everyone wants).

What this Incident reflect toward Indian Tech YouTube Community?- Where we failing?

Even after all this there was hardly any big YouTuber have came forward & speak against it (barely) but still everyone’s effort made Twitter India trend YouTubers in the list. The basic ideology can be seen here is Brands in India know people won’t step back from us even if they are disregarded.

Brand are more dominating & overpowered over YouTubers than YouTubers over Brands (in India), it can be because of Free Units, Cash, Deals, Sponsors or etc. but low income generation from other sources somehow forces everyone to do this but if something is wrong that should not be covered-up, otherwise you are not establishing relation with brand but working as a Slave, also at the same time being dishonest with Subscribers, Audience who believe in you or think you stand with them.

Also a big thing noticed in Indian Tech space is Unity, at very rare moments most come & stand with each other like YouTube vs TikTok was a point where not only Tech but almost every Creator in India was just unitized.

We should learn from Linus Tech Tips incident where they were all together against NVIDIA even they were not friends, Why?, because company tried to defame against Free Units provided to YTbrs for testing as keeper (check video below), so if we stand together & not be brands slaves so Brands also start taking everyone seriously. Not only Linus but most almost every person supported Hardware Unboxed at the point of time & here they spitted over each one in Community somewhere.

Its not like Brands don’t sponsor foreign YouTubers but they know boundaries, values, workship and real bond making which is somewhere missing here, because Brands do use your Face in their promotions and then barks back on you, be a valuable asset because each Creator work hard day/night, you are working to make it & not let anyone make some shit out of you for no reason.

This was our point on this whole convo, till now no clearance has come from Brands side but we all are waiting & we keep you updated if anything comes up, for that keep following us on Social Media, Website & Community of FreshFounder.

(Motive was not to defame any brand, person, value of anybody or anything, this article just hold ethics of humanity & working because we are working for living & reputation so not let anyone ruin it)– No Hate, Just Love for Everyone. (Sorry for the Meme Anuj Sir).

-Thanks for Reading.