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Convert Android to iOS with PhoneX Launcher- Bad Experience

By Phone X Launcher you can turn Android to iPhone X..This App is Free and do not need Root to run this way you can convert Android to IOS for Free!
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This post was most recently updated on 3rd Aug, 2022

While scrolling on Google Play Store on Android we found something interesting which can Convert Android to IOS and can make it look like iPhone X. This App does not need any ROOT to Run this App and is this is also showed by Unbox Theory on his Channel. It is a great App which can give you an experience of IOS on your Android Device in just a few clicks and Data, the App is Phone X Launcher

Convert Android to iOS with PhoneX Launcher

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But is it really Worthy or Works well?
I would say that in my experience it comes out to be worst and not so good as it makes your device slow and it does not actually turn your device into iPhone X or IOS but it is a kind of IOS themed Launcher which comes into bad results.

What is the App Name? Phone X Launcher, OS 11 iLauncher & Control Center and is totally free on Play Store and can be downloaded on any Android Device to have a test run.
Annoying Ads- One more bad thought about this App is its Ads which makes it more frustrating as there are too much of Ads on almost every click or open and shut. It is compulsory for a Developer to earn something from its App or Software but this Phone X Launcher stucks into Ads many times.

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What a Joke- When you install the App you may think that makes your Phone look like an iPhone or at least interface but actually the only thing which it changes it the Home Screen with Notification Tray and some other Functions. 

A big fault which I found is that the Front Camera comes on the Screen which you can check in the Video above.
Love it or Hate it? It depends on your choice and experience as with us it was worst and I changed it immediately, instead of you can try Hola Launcher, Z Launcher and many others available on Google Play Store to use and modify your Device in a Custom way.

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