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Download PC Games for Free Even after Shutdown of Torrent

After the shutdown of torrent...Free PC games fro the top 3 sites, make a download yourself. Download Free PC games from these sites...

This post was most recently updated on August 23rd, 2020

Since the torrents have been shut down on the internet it has become difficult to Download PC Games for Free Even after Shutdown of Torrent because most Torrent sites are shutdown & Players finding best sources for Best Sites to Download PC Games through Torrent & today we share with you List of Top Working Torrent Site to Download Games in 2020. So if you are gamers & were searching for best resources then here’s your End of Search, Enjoy! 

Remember we don’t promote any piracy, torrenting, or any illegal stuff, this is just for a good cause & for those who can’t afford their pocket money on video games so that they can also get a chance to enjoy Legitimate games on their systems. We highly request you to not do any illegal stuff using the mentioned sources, we aren’t responsible for any mislead if it takes place, for more check our Disclaimer.

All the Games Torrent Sites mentioned are working but it only works when used with VPN otherwise no access will be granted so make sure to use any Local VPN Software, App or Tell before you jump in. The Sites are 100% Working to Download Video Games from Torrent so just enjoy the Party & share this Blog with others. Also before burning your Data make sure your system is capable of running it.

If you find any difficulties, you can contact us on social media, also we suggest you use Tor Browser for best Experience as it comes with inbuilt VPN.

List to Download PC Games for Free Even after Shutdown of Torrent Sites (Working)-

  • RG Mechanics

One one of the best source that people trust most and consider to download on torrent for games, RG Mechanics Torrents are most likes as you can rely on them for the PC Games Torrents, just make sure to use VPN & use any Torrent Downloader. You can also find their Files on some known Torrent sites as well, just type in-game name plus RG Mechanics.

Link Copy-Paste-Search: \ \

  • ​Nosteam

Not a new b=name but tose who like computer gaming must know this game or who have any idea about torrent so NosTeam is one just Legit you must know it, well they have their own Site or else you can find them on other torrent sites as well. They built great repacks of most of the Games and the list is huge to choose from. Nosteam Games Torrent are some of a few which somewhere we also search for (rarely).


  • PC Games Repack

Not available freely but deep down they can still be fount in torrents, their Repacks are genuine and works like a charm for almost every game, you can visit any torrent site & can search for the games plus PC Games Repack. As of now, their official site is down so if you want then you can try on 1337x or Kickass or PB for more.


  • Skidrow & Reloaded Games

Bonus entity for video game lovers, this just compete with RG for Video Games Torrent. They can be found on any popular torrent site under games category because they have gained such position, not only that with a personal site it comes more accessible to search them in real & deal with the stuff. You can download video games torrent from the skidrow for free (link mentioned below) or just search for games torrent plus skidrow.

Link-Copy-Paste- Search:

Download PC Games for Free Even after Shutdown of Torrent List of Best Games Torrent Website Working

Wallah!! So these were some Top Sites to Download Games Torrent even after shutdown of the torrent. Well TBH Torrent has become a thing which cant be really stopped now fully as if one gate closes another opens up and people love it so do us because this is free, easy to get, open-source and welcomes everyone. Although cybersecurity always in seeks to seize them off they can close the bottle cap forever.

We ave not hyperlinked Gaming Torrent Sites because it will be against ethics and can be illegal so just Copy as Text, Paste in URL & you are good to go, also as some Extra Bonus if you till here we recommend you to surf over 1337x, Kickass torrent,, RARBG. Just visit here and enjoy some cool stuff for yourself.

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Thanks for Reading.

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