Download PUBG Mobile Beta Version 0.14.0- Infection Mode, etc

All new PUBG Mobile Beta Version 0.14.0 is out..Infection Mode, Companion, Zombie Controls are making things Crazy..Download & try it Now!

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After the Last Update on PUBG Mobile which was of Season 8 on Version 0.13.5, now PUBG Mobile Beta is gonna bringing Download PUBG Mobile Beta Version 0.14.0 with new game modes and latest improvements that can give a new turn to the Gamers/Streamers, let’s Download it?

New PUBG Mobile Beta Version 0.14.0 features an all-new Game mode named Infection, now this new mode in the game that let you Play the Game like a Zombie or Like a Defender (Chosen Randomly automatically), plus now you get Companion with your Character just like Fortnite.

Whats New in the PUBG Mobile Beta Version 0.14.0 other than Infection Mode:

In Controls as well you get Zombie Control option where you can set the Scratch button, Crunch and Jump button but there’s no Lean option available.

In the Infection mode, you don’t get any Parachutes or Plane to jump, instead, you appear in the Map where 10-15 Second timer is set with over 3 rounds in total, after that 10-15sec you will be converted to Zombies/Defender and you have you fight.
First killing wins the Round after total 3 Rounds most winning Rounds team Wins the entire match.

In the frame of Companion, you get White Falcon with different abilities, plus new outfits are introduced for the Character in the Game.
Companion Food is also introduced through which you can increase its XP.

In PUBG Mobile Beta new version there are a lot of surprises hidden inside, but all this is worthy if rolls out Globally as well.
An all-new Map Menu is there as well which seems different from the regular PUBG Mobile Map menu.

Sometimes some words are written in Chinese bcoz it’s a Beta Version and a Watermark is also present in the game right now which seems format in Russian.

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If you want to try this Beta Versio Now then Follow the Steps to Download it and Play on your own Smartphone before Release.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Beta Version 0.14.0:

Almost 4.5GB in Total is Required to run this Game

  1. Download APK (2.1GB Approx)
  2. Install APK
  3. Open Game and Install the latest Update (1778MB approx)
  4. Open Game again after Downloading n Installing Updates
  5. Accept TnC Policy and other Pop-ups
  6. Sign in with FB or Guest (Guest is recommended on Beta)
  7. Make your Character and Enter in the Game
  8. Collect Prizes and Start Playing the Game, must try the latest Infection Mode.


NOTE– there are many things which are not so much clear in the beta mode but with practice and updates it will clear out, for now, I haven’t found any use of Companion but maybe soon I find it and update you here only.

Thats a Wrap I hope you must try this Beta Update on your Smartphone, let us know your thoughts on it under the Comment Section and leave your Reactions as well, for more Subscribe our Push Nostify or Newsletter.

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