How to Download Spotify Lite MOD APK on Android Smartphone for Free with all pro features unlocked working

Download Spotify Lite Premium MOD APK for Free- All Features Unlocked (2021)

If you are looking for Spotify Lite then here is the good news for you...Download Spotify Lite Premium MOD APK for Free with All Features Unlocked that you can try now!
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This post was most recently updated on 19th Feb, 2021

Previously we wrote about Spotify Premium MOD APK that went well and today we bring you, Download Spotify Lite Premium MOD APK for Free with All Features Unlocked Latest Version that you can download and can install on your smartphone (only android).

Spotify Lite is one of the best apps to listen to music over a smartphone, why?, well to know that we suggest you watch the video we have mentioned below that can help you to understand the difference between normal Spotify App vs Spotify Lite in real with practical explanation and a sound meter. Although the main highlight that you can notice between two is the App size and audio quality itself.

Download Spotify Lite Premium MOD APK for Free- All Features Unlocked (all you need to know)

Main Difference between Spotify Lite vs Spotify Normal App-

  • App Size 30MB<140MB
  • Data Cap option (available only on lite)
  • UI (Lite is Clear where Normal is clumsy)
  • Responsive and Power saving (lite is better at this)
  • Playback File Size Display (on lite)
  • Can’t Download Songs in Device or Offline (backflaw of lite)
  • Better Audio Quality on Normal use, with Speakers or Headphones/Earphone (Lite is unbeatable)

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Why Spotify Lite Premium MOD instead of actual Premium Subscription-

This question makes sense right?, Wrong! because MOD provides Spotify Lite Premium for Free where for Subscription you have to pay monthly to the Spotify or annually or quarterly, however, your money goes in short.

But on MOD you get Spotify all Premium features for free without any restriction and its the only best part that people love. Spotify has its own trust over any other music streaming app and that’s why we want to deliver you best of the best at 0 cost.

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Download Spotify Lite Premium MOD APK for Free with All Features Unlocked, list of best features of Spotify premium unlocked for free android

Details about Difference Between Spotify Lite vs Normal Spotify App-

Lite: This version is intended for low-end devices. If you want to use the full version of Spotify Premium then you can switch and can download Spotify MOD from above.

Although Lite version is fast, smooth, suitable for many different Android devices (even for devices with low operating systems and low configuration). It uses less memory, data and battery, Lite version is 85% lighter than the original version, it is omitted too many essential features that users need.

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This Lite version has the ability to rely on your listening habits and history to automatically suggest songs of the same genre, then aggregate them into a playlist. These playlists are categorized according to various criteria such as genre, singer, new trends, updates or according to different moods. This will help you discover many interesting songs in your favourite genre.

Lite attractive features-

When using Spotify Lite, users can still create their own personal Playlist, download it and share a lot of songs with others. Besides, you can track the data used. If you don’t have a lot of 3G / 4G bandwidth, set a data limit and the app will automatically send notifications to the device when you are about to reach that limit. Also when using this version, freeing up space on the device is also easier and simpler.

Spotify Lite Limitations-

The first point I am not satisfied with this Lite version is that the Premium account does not bring many really outstanding features, although users have to pay to experience it. If in the original version, when the account is upgraded, you will have the right to create a playlist and play the previously selected songs.

With a free account, users will enjoy songs in the song mixing mode. In the Premium version of Spotify Lite, even if the user has upgraded the account, it is not possible to create a playlist, so you still have to listen in mixing mode. The application will automatically play any songs related to the original search results. If you want to play another song or podcast, you have to do it manually.

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Another point, where users play offline to facilitate the move (where you don’t have a good internet connection) and consume less data capacity, however, the Lite version of Spotify does not yet have this feature. You can’t listen to music at the highest quality and can’t use Spotify Connect feature, meaning that it will not be possible to play music from one device to another.

size of Spotify lite app after downloading and installing in adroid for free Mod apk

Download Spotify Lite Premium APK MOD Step by Step Here-

  • Go to the Button Below to Download File
  • Download Spotify MOD APK File on your Smartphone
  • Locate the APK Downloaded File and Install
  • You are done, Now just signup using a random email ID or any way you like to, you can be signing with the same Email ID you were using earlier but as being MOD it is not recommended.
  • After doing all this you are good to go and listen to your favourite track without ADs, Limited Skips or Jitters. This is one of the best app that we personally use and recommend for music streaming.

Determination on Spotify Lite Wrapup- 

Now its all clear that why or why not you should use lite version of Spotify lite, so it’s up to you that how you feel and what you feel like to use it or not. Basic is now cleared out else you can try yourself practically because that can explain the best to yourself as we ourself use Lite version only.

-Thanks for Reading.

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