Everything you need to know about Zoom Conspiracy- is it Chinese?

After a lot of Conspiracy & Investigation nothing is crystal clear but...here you can check Everything, you need to know about Zoom & is it Chinese or not?

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Going through the Tunnels over China big conspiracy hit all over the World you can know about Everything you need to know about Zoom Conspiracy. Yes right, Zoom has routed its Calls through China & founder of the app is also Chinese…following this today I would like to share with “Everything you need to know about Zoom“, But now under the umbrella of Corona Virus, our Privacy is in danger and what are the consequences of using Zoom App & why we should #BoyCottZoom right now before it gets too late…let me describe you.

Starting of Zoom-

Zoom is a video conferencing app based in California, US. It is owned by a Chinese marketer Eric Yuan who found this App in 2011. The app enables users to Create Zoom meeting rooms from where they can do video conferencing with over 100 people in a single room that no-1-else-provide.

Eric Yuan talking about zoom data breach with cnn in its report about how zoom mistakenly done all data hacks & left loose ends- fresh founder

Till December 2019 the app had only about 10Million monthly active users but with the start of Corona Virus hitting over the world it skyrocketed & boosted over 200million+ users in a single lane.

The App which was least known for the people till 2019 just came out like a missile & have made Eric Yuan one of the top 10 richest persons in the List of Forbes Annual Billionaire List, what made it create this success from a level which no-one knows about & why I talking about Zoom bcoz its dangerous for us?

Eric Yuan joined Forbes Annual Billionaire list in Coronavirus Breakdown situation at time of Lockdown & Quarantine all over the World
By- Forbes

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Why Zoom is Dangerous to Use (Conspiracy or Real)?

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In a recent blog, I covered how one of my friends became the victim of the Zoom Gmail account hacking & how his account has been misused without his permission that you can read HERE which includes a Voice Note proof.

2 Days earlier Zoom itself claimed that Yes their Data has flown from Chinese Data Centers said by Business Insider & India Today in their Headlines- Zoom admits calls got ‘mistakenly’ routed through China” but Yuan has given excuse because of high demand we connected calls to the nearest data centre in China which I don’t make any sense in a condition when we know what Chinese are making up to.

Even The Hacker News published an Articled whose headline was “Zoom Caught in Cybersecurity Debate — Here’s Everything You Need To Know“, in which it mentioned all allegations put on the company in a bullet format that you should read now.

From the report, we understand that Zoom wasn’t ready for all this Rocket boost anytime but due to grip, the flaws were already their undiscovered which all came real after million-plus hit the service hard.

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In my eyes, this all seems like a false game & sounds like- “After eating a 100 rats, the cat went to Haj” by Zoom & Eric. The big suspicion is even before this happening Zoom had 10Million+ as it’s not a small number still developers never closely looked at it & if this happening now so earlier as well they have been compromising the privacy of its users.

One more question is as I quoted above “Company has already gained its profits after this controversy & data hacks, & has made it the most Downloaded App on Play Store”, people are addicted to this now so now it doesn’t even matter if they fix all that or not because people are manipulated & are frauded with breaching of data.

zoom download growth chart in india graph & zoom joins top download apps in India by statista
By- Statista

How Zoom has become so Hyped instantly?

Now putting allegations but how people started choosing only one app for Video Conferencing, Online Classes, Lectures & Calls even after availability of alternative apps?

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Exploiting users were OK but in so many ways with so many flaws seems like this all was planned & Zoom can’t deny against it that they have out a lot of users under molesting conditions, privacy breaching, data mining scenarios, etc.

They have sold Data to Facebook & other Advertisers & I don’t think this is gonna stop so soon as all fixes will take at least 90 days following the reports that a long time almost 3 months so since then I don’t think anyone using it is safe!

Who’s using Zoom can be under Controversy of this Data Attack?

There’s not only 1 or 2 but Ten’s of thousands of Institutes, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Offices, MNCs, Government Offices, etc. globally taking video conferencing meetings, lectures, classes, discussion online with their employees using Zoom App & even after reading the news not stopping to use it.

Although many countries like the USA, Taiwan, and several others have banned it in their region including Google & other Companies using it I don’t think they might have left with anything safe till now. Even the Indian Government is using the same platform with their colleges that a move towards a big hack hole.

Why Zoom did this at Time of Corona (is it related to Chinese)?

Another allegation can be asked why this all happened at the time of Corona & Quarantine or Lockdown period, why Chinese companies were at the peak & Zoom became the king & Eric Yuan became in the List of Top Billionaire by Forbes.

Why the company never rolled an eye over these threads & loose ends, why mistakenly instead of any other backup Zoom used Chinese Servers for Call Routes, why an App that has no base has become most Download App Worldwide?, all these Why’s & How’s can have a deep meaning.

Should you Use Zoom or Not?

switch from zoom and check out for other alternatives even trend hashtag boycottzoom because of what it has done

In my consent I really don’t support the App at all even I suggest you run a #BoycottZoom on Social media to make awareness between people so that things can get controlled & no more people get caught in this web.

People don’t understand what & how their privacy is important to the world but I think it should be the first lesson that all should learn before learning anything else & coming on the Internet, no matter you are poor or rich.

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What we think the World is beyond that & What we don’t think is the Play behind such big Games (not objectifying but its True for all of us).

These aren’t theories but were some facts which you should understand to be safe every time you going through anything vulnerable because your each thing matters & your Privacy is the Price over Web.

-Thanks for Reading.