Firefox Send App Review(Best Sharing App!)- How to Use?

Share files anywhere in the World in one click upto 2.5GB..Firefox Send App/Web Version are future for sending/ssharing files...Try Now!

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Internet is blowing and everything is now on our Gadgets where we store every File or Data and Sharing Files between People is a regular job nowadays check Firefox Send, because that’s how People work. Gmail or Dropbox is one of the popular ways to share files but not everyone is so friendly with it, Right?

Shareit is unsafe so I try to eliminate it n it’s for only Nearby Devices. But Firefox Send is a kinda App which I was looking for, allowing upto 2.5GB per Send anywhere in the World with Encryption + Days Limit, Password protection & Download Count Restriction all in one App, available on Android/Web!!

About the Firefox Send:

User-interface is so simple that a small kid can understand, for a break you also get the option to use it without Sign in, even you can Send Files Anonymously. The App is totally Free everywhere with No Charge for any Feature.

How does it Work?

All you need is go to Play Store-Download the App OR Go to the Firefox Send Website, if you want to use it on iPhone/IOS then you can use its Website on Phone without any hassles so indirectly you get access on the IOS as well but the App is not available for iPhone users.

NOTE– If you want to Send a File more than 1GB or want to access the benefits of sending File upto 2.5GB then you have to Sign-in to the App otherwise it will restrict you to 1GB only.

Android-After Downloading the App>Open App>Click on + Button>Choose Files>Select Download Counts, Days Limit, Protect with Password/Not (all for Expiry)>Click Upload>Copy Link>Send to Receiver>Done.

Download App Here

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When the Link will be received they can see the file and can Download in on their Device as well, benefit here is that other person is not bound to have the same App as Browser version will help them to do so + you can send Link anywhere (FB, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snap,etc.).

Web Version- If you are using it on Web then it becomes more easier to use as you just have to open Page n Start using it with same Steps above.

Here you can Choose upto 100 Downloads & up to 7Days for the Expiry Date of the Link, after that it will automatically be destroyed.
Also if you are using a Password then its mandatory to Tell Password to the Receiver so that he/she can access link.

To know more that how the App works or to know about more features Please Consider this Link here-

The App provides a practical way to share Files between people breaking locks of Nearby sharing only with n ease in use.

I hope it might have helped you to know about a new way of sharing files, Please leave some valuable Comments Below, also leave your Reactions and Signin our Newsletter for more.
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