Free Fire Asia All-Stars 2020 Premier Online E-Sports Tournament

Free Fire announced another Tournament...The All Stars Asia 2020 Premier Online E-Sports Match is now open for Pro Players...Check more now here!

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Free Fire is all set to give a shock wave to all of its Players under Asia All-Stars 2020: Free Fire’s premier online-only e-sports tournament, The details have been pushed for all the players which you can look through & can be the witness of Free Fire All Stars 2020.

On 12 and 13 June 2020, both streamers and pros alike will compete from the comforts of their homes, seeking to deliver the same level of entertainment and competition as they battle for the prize pool of US$80,000. Fans and followers can catch all the action live online on YouTube and BOOYAH!, with local casters delivering commentary in Hindi. More details will be shared in the coming weeks through the official Free Fire Esports India Facebook page and official Free Fire Esports India Instagram account.

12 June 2020 – Influencer All-Stars

FFAA 2020 will kick off with 12 teams competing for the prize pool of US$30,000. The 4 regions – India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam – will each be represented by 3 teams, comprising a mix of streamers and pros; the 3 teams representing India will be all-streamer teams. Influencer All-Stars will be entertaining for Free Fire communities across Asia as both streamers and pros will have to interact and strategise with one another virtually – something you don’t see very often!

13 June 2020 – Pros All-Stars

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Day 2 of FFAA 2020 will witness the top pro teams from the 4 regions to become the inaugural Pros All-Stars champion. The top 3 teams for each region will be invited to represent their region at the Pros All-Stars and compete for the US$50,000 prize pool. In India, the invitations will be extended to the top finishers at the previously-held Scrim Wars. Teams will likewise be challenged as previous esports tournaments would allow them to be physically alongside fellow teammates.

Win the best of 6 to be the best at Free Fire All-Stars 2020

The tournament format across both days will be the same. Teams will battle it over 6 rounds, across 3 maps: Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari. Points will be awarded based on round ranking and number of kills – 20 points for a Booyah (winning the round) and 2 points for each kill. The winning team will be announced at the end of each day. Regions will also be ranked based on points earned by their teams and at the end of FFAA 2020, the top region will also be announced.

To stay up to date on the latest on FFAA 2020, stay tuned to the official Free Fire Esports India Facebook page and official Free Fire Esports India Instagram account.

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