Free Fire India launches new campaign #IndiaKaBattleRoyale with Anmol Parashar

Free Fire India Launches new Campaign- #IndiaKaBattleRoyale (2020)

Free Fire Launches its new Campaign called #IndiaKaBattleRoyale...Featuring Anmol Parashar explaining their brand new #IndiaKaBattleRoyale b/wFreeFire <3s
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This post was most recently updated on 7th Jul, 2020

The competitor of PUBG Mobile called Free Fire has Launched its new Campaign called “Free Fire India Launches new Campaign- #IndiaKaBattleRoyale” with our very own favourite Anmol Parashar,

Free Fire, the world’s most popular mobile battle royale game, has launched a new campaign called #IndiaKaBattleRoyale that stars one of India’s most promising young actors, Amol Parashar. Conceptualized in-house, the campaign looks to excite local gamers and non-gamers alike across the country and has been rolled out on Free Fire India’s digital channels as well as on high-impact outdoor hoardings across Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

Indian users relate to #IndiaKaBattleRoyale’s series of light-hearted videos

The #IndiaKaBattleRoyale campaign has kicked off with three videos highlighting the key unique selling points of Free Fire – Memory, Battery, and Time – that speaks to the local community. Each theme throws light on how Free Fire is an exciting, fast-paced game with 10-minute matches, and is uniquely designed to work seamlessly across smartphones. With ‘Game ka Thrill Ab Nahi Hoga Kill. Khelo Free Fire, India ka game’ as the overarching message of the campaign, Free Fire invites all users across India to join in the fun. Since the release on 13th March 2020, the videos have collectively garnered a whopping 25.4M views on YouTube alone (as of 23rd March 2020).

Amol is seen reluctantly choosing pictures of himself and his girlfriend to delete from his phone, to make space to download a storage-heavy game. His girlfriend comes to the rescue when she suggests playing Free Fire so he would not have this problem

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With a focus on battery, shows a college student running frantically up the stairs to the terrace, armed with a portable phone charger. When he arrives, he sees Amol react as if his phone has just gone off and he lost a match by a whisker.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, Amol shows him the phone where Free Fire is still functioning seamlessly, despite the low battery. Two colleagues sneaking into a meeting room and closing the blinds. A senior employee notices this and barges in, only to find them taking a quick break from work to enjoy a game of Free Fire on their phones. 

#IndiaKaBattleRoyale has received nationwide attention

The campaign has piqued the interest of popular artistes across the country, with a host of comedians, musicians, actors/actresses, sports personalities, and content creators taking to social media to express their appreciation for Free Fire. The run-up to the #IndiaKaBattleRoyale got over 40M impressions on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, with over 3.5M engagements. The videos which were a part of #IndiaKaBattleRoyale so far have reached over 31.4M people in less than 2 weeks!

Watch the ad films here:

Free Fire can be download at the following locations:

● Apple iOS App Store: HERE

● Google Play Store: HERE

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