Fresh Founder Awards- List of Best Standing Top Gadgets 2019

Awards for Best Gadgets of 2019...The list has been assembled and we are ready to rock..Bye, Bye 2019 & Welcome 2020...take a Look at all the Winners!

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Again a Year is passing & we are excited to announce our first-ever Best Standing Awards by Fresh Founder Awards with a List of Best Gadgets List 2019 which you might have heart about a lot, Presented by Fresh Founder under which we have tested a lot of devices whole year and tried to find out the best fits for you and to decide which can be a bomber that you can go for from 2019 under Tech Evolution, under is the list of all Winner Please have a look.

Fresh Founder Awards- List of Best Standing Top Gadgets 2019 VIDEO:

Best Standing Smartphones of 2019-

Most Innovative Smartphone of the Year:

asus 6z most innovative smartphone of 2019 award

Asus 6Z

A phone made with innovation and of the first phone of 2019 launched by Asus with a Flip Camera that no one else opted and this made it really innovative in terms of design & though behind this Flagship category device.

So for the thought and Design of Flip Camera, the Best Innovative Design Award goes to Asus 6Z.

Best Mid-Ranger Smartphone of the Year:

realme x2 best mid range smartphone of 2019 award

Realme X2

Midrange means under 20000 to 25000 so Realme X2 can be said as best to stand out from all as the aspects along with specs, performance, camera, design, etc. so X2 has assured Best Mid-Range Smartphone of 2019.

Best Low-Range Smartphone of the Year:

redmi 8 best low range smartphone of 2019 award

Redmi 8

Never the less if Realme is in the race than how can Redmi stay behind. The Redmi 8 is Low-Ranger Best among all other Smartphones with decent performance, dual camera, fast charge, dedicated memory slot, excellent design & gradient colours under Rs.8000.And for those who love Drop Notch, well it has that as well with GG5 in front.

Best Flagship Smartphone of the Year:

Apple iPhone 11 / Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Both the Devices has been my favourite all over the Year, I choose both because one is Android & second is IOS. They don’t belong to each other but still under their own OS perform the best in an overall statement.

I never thought of choosing an Apple Device but after a long Apple has impressed me very much so iPhone 11 Camera & Performance kicks the bricks so hard that no matter what price it is under but still it leaves an impression of Apple in the heart.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus is also kind advice by Samsung that leads under Flagship category because of its Gesture Controls, Great Camera, Design, S-Pen Love & it is Beast Performance with Samsung Branding and Trust.

Best Camera Centric Smartphone of the Year:

iPhone 11Pro & Google Pixel 4XL-

Both of them are Camera experts whether one is from Google, the send is by Apple.

iPhone 11Pro with 3trio Camera setup kills every pixel like a king as its stabilisation, picture quality, video quality, studio lighting effects all make it a ThugLifer but if you don’t consider the Price as it may cost both of your kidneys.

Google Pixel is a trademark that leaves the Spot, especially under Camera performance as no one else can be better than the Pixel. Google Pixel 4 XL has not been launched in many Countries & Regions because of its Radar system called Project Soli still it finds to make away as the winner of Best Camera Smartphone less pricey than iPhone 11 Pro with much more enhanced outputs.

NOTE– Winner is iPhone 11 Pro because of its Global availability.

Best Gaming Smartphone of 2019:

asus rog phone 2 best gaming smartphone of 2019 award

ASUS ROG Phone 2

And again ASUS is presented as the Winner of Best Gaming Smartphone of 2019. ROG Phone 1 was a true beast but ROG Phone 2 is its Father with full Loaded RGBs, Strong Built, Performance, Design, looks, Feel & external attachments to bump it up.

Although Camera is OK for Gaming, no one can be better than this Device.

Best OS Smartphone of 2019:

oneplus 7 pro and 7t best os smartphone of 2019

OnePlus 7Pro/7T

I can’t forget to mention Oneplus for its extreme looking Oxygen OS so in the form factor of experience well OnePlus Oxygen OS is the best to have and not even interface or OS but the Devices also stand out from all others in the market.

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I can say OnePlus has been my favourite since it has come in India and OnePlus 7 is my dream device in 2019 with great Performance, Camera, Sexy look & fluid experience OS, the price under which it comes, you can’t say a word against it.

Leaving behind the Smartphones now let’s talk about Laptops and I haven’t tested all many together but whatever I have tested I would like to share with you all as my Winners.

Best Standing Multitasking Laptops of 2019-

I have only 2 to choose under Laptops because there were not so many which I can tell and decide as these 2 says in themselves.

asus zenbook duo pro 14.5inch as best multitasking laptop 2019

ASUS Zenbook Duo /Duo Pro

My Dream device to own with Dual Screen that can be used in practice. A true expert built with snappy feel, strong design, excess availability if ports, at a great price. I suggest Zenbook Duo Pro 14inch much preferable to be the winner for a person who wants to do Multitasking like Gaming, Editing, Designing, etc. at the same time.

This machine never let you feel down, Asus Zenbook Duo Pro is specially made for Gamers, Designers, Editors, and for the people who never want to stop at any moment, therefore, I can say this will surely provide you with a feeling of goodness in hand.

acer predator helios core i5 8th gen as best multitasking laptop midrange 2019

Acer Predator Helios Core i5 8th Gen-

I know you might think its an old laptop & Acer? Why! but TBH this is one of the most powerful machines available in the budget if you want performance, specs, multitasking all under budget so no one else can be better than this.

Best Standing Smart Wearable Bands of 2019-

xiaomi mi band 4 as best fitness smartband 2019 award

Mi Band 4

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 4 is one of the best under pocket which provides very convenient design and built to use as daily wearable with all features which you need like- Heart Rate sensor, step counter, watch faces, etc.

Under Rs.2300 Mi Band, 4 is a good option and that’s why it deserves to be in the list.

noise colorfir pro 2 as best value for money smartband with large display award


A colour display Smartwatch which you can’t resist under the price as if you are finding a smartwatch with a colour display to give a feel like Apple Watch then Colorfit Pro 2 is a good option under Rs.3000, otherwise, Apple loves can have Apple Watch Series 5 or Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Best Standing Audio Gears-

jvc xsn218bc best bluetooth party speakers in budget 2019 award

JVC XS-N218BC Bluetooth Speaker-

This JVC Speaker is worth to buy as if you haven’t seen my video then you can watch it from the Video below but this 20W speaker under Rs.2000 is enough to boom up your Home party and one of the best to buy in terms of Bluetooth Speakers, although it is not Waterproof but is a perfect option to opt.

realme buds air best wireless air buds 2019 award

Realme Wireless Buds Air-

Realme’s second Winner is its Buds Air which is actually a kinda product that I would like to use personally on a daily basis on which price they come is something unexpected.
Starting from the Sound Quality to its Built under Rs.4000 these Wireless Buds gives no space to others to lead.

asus and infinity by jbl as best brands to buy audio gears 2019 award


This year I tested several audio gears as well but among all of them I found JBL Infinity & Asus as best performing to provide sound quality at a great pocket price so if you want a Headphone or Earplugs than Infinity by JBL & Asus products can be a go for.

So these were my Picks of 2019 as the Best Gadgets of 2019 Awards from Fresh Founder but this is not the end as 2020 is coming with more upgrades and bangs to boom the market up with new competitors and new choices to choose from. With your support we completed 2019 happily, now it’s again a New Year and we want a more Strong base to stand from you all.
Thanks for being our Family, Happy New Year to All.