Garena to host live streaming on Booyah with Tanmay Bhat

Garena to host live streaming on Booyah with Tanmay Bhat

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This post was most recently updated on 19th Dec, 2022

Garena to host live streaming on Booyah with Tanmay Bhat!, its all-in-one platform for gaming videos in India on 5 May 2020. BOOYAH! is celebrating the BOOYAH! Day event, a six-day live stream extravaganza, from today until 31 October.

Specially organised for the BOOYAH! community, the event will be jam-packed with exciting events and rewards to keep users entertained and engaged, and will also feature some of the most popular gaming names in India, such as Sooneeta, Gamers Zone, Jonty Gaming, and Total Gaming, the latter of whom is the largest gaming live streamer in India with 14.6 million followers.

tanmay bhat in booyah poster by ganera

Garena to host live streaming on Booyah with Tanmay Bhat

Starting 26 October, the Protect the VIP event will take place, pitting Total Gaming and his team against 11 BOOYAH!-verified streamers in the classic Battle Royale format over 6 matches.

If the VIP team successfully protects Total Gaming till the end of the match, the viewers stand a chance to win Free Fire loot such as in-game Diamonds, but if the BOOYAH!-verified streamers win, lucky viewers may win Elite Passes and BOOYAH! Day VFX Skyboard items.

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Viewers also stand a chance to win Official BOOYAH! Hoodies and ASUS ROG 3 gaming phones on the first day of the BOOYAH! Day event.

On 27 October, the VIP Clash Squad event will take place, with standup comedians Tanmay Bhat and Samay Raina battling against each other over 7 matches in the Clash Squad game mode. Viewers stand to win different Free Fire items such as Detective Panda pets, BOOYAH! Day Parachutes, and in-game Diamonds as rewards. Lucky viewers may also win Official BOOYAH! Backpacks from 27 October to 31 October.

On 28 October, the Streamer Clash Squad event begins with BOOYAH!-verified streamers facing off against each other in the Clash Squad game mode. This friendly exhibition will be accompanied by loot drops for lucky viewers such as Spirit Fox pets, BOOYAH! Boxes, and in-game Diamonds.

The last three days of the BOOYAH! Day event will see BOOYAH!-verified streamers and Free Fire partner creators participate in the Streamer Kombat 4.0 tournament, BOOYAH! India’s streamer invitational series. The tournament will see 24 Free Fire streamers and their squads divided into 2 groups of 12 teams each. These 2 groups will compete on 29 and 30 October; the top 6 teams from each group will move to the finals on 31 October.

The prize pool for Streamer Kombat 4.0 is 25,000 Free Fire Diamonds. Viewers who watch the tournament live, will stand to win Free Fire loot drops such as Night Panther pets, Lively Beast Weapon Loot Crates, and in-game Diamonds.

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