How to get Paid Games, Movies, Apps, etc Free with Google Rewards

This post was most recently updated on July 10th, 2020

How to get Paid Games, Movies, Apps, etc Free with Google Rewards


Have you ever thought of getting something for free? What if I tell you that you can get things Free from Google like any Google Play Game, App, Movie, E-Book or YouTube Movie for Free? 
Well, it is possible by just getting Rewards on your Google Surveys which Pay you a good return to use later.

If you are Nerd then you may know that Surveys are paid and by attending a survey get lead to getting rewards? This is what Google Rewards does, All you need to do is:

1.Download Google Reward App from Here

2.Sign in with your Google Account
3. Wait for a Survey
4.Attend the Survey Vice
5.Spend your Google Rewards in the Play Store or on YouTube Movie
The Only problem I found here is that in my thought this App is only Available in India if you are from a Guest Country or Place and is able to use it then Comment us Below.

How to Get more Surveys and More Pays?

The Quickest way is to Travel because that’s how you can get more surveys as Hotels, Restaurants and some Public Places gives Money to Google for having a Survey by the People, so in this way, you can gain the profit.
If you are a Traveller then it can be a must-have App for you, because you are just giving your 2 Minutes and getting Rs.30-40 in return without any hard work. 

Google Rewards App icon by xanjero How to get Paid Games, Movies, Apps, etc Free with Google Rewards
Where else can it be used?

In my though it can be used anywhere on the Google Platform to buy something as of now we have only tried YouTube and Google Play but may be other services also accept it, just let us know in the comments or on social media with #FreshFounder.
So that’s how we rolled it and getting something for free can be Good, not bad always, as it’s by Google itself. So Go More, Have More and Buy more, Thank us Later, Also help us to share this Post with your other known Circle around.

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