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Do you have passion for Writing Tech Blogs to show them in front of thousands of Readers and Viewers?, then Join our Gang and Write for us.

You can write about anything that you think people must be interested in with Visuals, Graphics, Videos, Images, etc. in a format that can attract people towards you and your Content.

What is a Guest Post?

A Guest Post is something that someone writes and submits it to publish on a different site. In short, it is a Piece of Artwork by some other Guest person who wants to show his/her content displaying on someone else wall with approvals and we Accept it all over from you if you are interest to Share with us.

What kind of Guest Post do we Accept?

Fresh Founder accepts anything that relates to Tech, it can be a Product Review, Tips & Tricks, How To Tech, Hacking News, SEO, Blogging, Tech DIYs, Tech News, etc. which can relate to our niche and can bring more audience to us.

REMEMBER- Before Submitting anything Please look what we have Published earlier as the same type of Post will not be accepted from any person, so save your Time and afford & Cross-Check.

Guest Post Guidelines:

ALERT: Any Content containing illegal material like- Pornography, Spam Links, Unsecured Sources, Virus or Junk attackers, Hateful Speech, Abusive Language, etc. will not be Posted anytime.

Also- None of your Blog should be Copied or taken from someone else, it should be Unique and Slef-Written, we do Cross-Checks before submitting so if you thinking of Cheating then Please forget it Now.

We also Accept Graphics (Congo):

If you are a Graphic Designer then Congratulations we also Accept Wallpapers that people can set on their Devices like- Laptop, Desktop & Smartphone.

Our Pinterest Board (Wallpapers Love <3) or our Download Dope Wallpapers Page receives a Hit of about 2M+ Monthly and still growing which means your Artwork can Hit Lakhs of Hits in One-Single-Submit.

What’s your benefit?

If you Submit any Graphics to us and we Like it to share on our Board then we Mention your Name in Description+Links of your Profile/Site/Social Handle. That can help you to get more Customers with a Wider audience all over.

Where to Submit my Guest-Post?

If you think you are all Set then?… What are you waiting for? Ping us right Now at- admin@freshfounder.comwe are waiting for you.