haima bird electric and ralco ralson showcased at auto expo 2020 ev1 & eco friendly tyres

Haima Bird Electric EV1 and RALCO EcoTyres unveil at Auto Expo 2020

Haima launced its new EV1 with Bird Electric as Collab in India at Auto Expo 2020...RALCO one of leading tyre Comapny also launched its new EcoRacer..
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This post was most recently updated on 7th Jul, 2020

With other Companies showcasing their stuff at Auto Expo 2020, Haima (a Chinese Automobile Maker) and RALCO Tyres also presented some great stuff at their booth which includes Haima Bird Electric EV1 Vehicle Haima Bird Electric EV1 and RALCO EcoTyres unveil at Auto Expo 2020.

Haima & Bird Electric Key Points:

Haima-Bird’s first offering in the Indian EV space marries cutting edge technology with cost-effectiveness.

  • Bird Electric EV1 is an attractively designed, feature-equipped electric vehicle.
  • Bird Electric EV1 ensures integration of high safety, environmental-friendliness, technology, and fashion and realizes high economy, practicability, space and intelligence.
  • Power consumption: Bird Electric EV1 optimizes power consumption for as low as Rs 60 per 100 km.
  • Bird Electric EV1 is built with several safety features including a class-leading offering of 2 airbags.

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About Haima & Bird Electric at Auto Expo 2020:


Haima Automobile, one of the leading automakers in China, today announced its foray into the Indian market by showcasing its next-generation family electric car – Bird Electric EV1. The hatchback will be available in the range of Rs. 10 lakh on Indian roads.

Haima New Energy (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haima Automobile Group), has entered into a technical collaboration on EV with Bird Electric a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bird Group, an Indian conglomerate with a significant presence in aviation, hospitality, skill development and personal mobility – to manufacture Bird Electric EV1.

The battery-powered vehicle, likely to be manufactured at soon-to-be set-up plant in Manesar (Haryana), would be introduced in two variants with a driving range of 200 km and 300 km per charge, respectively. The first lot of Bird Electric EV1 would take at least 12-15 months for the roll-out.

We tried Segway Hover Scooter at Auto Expo 2020 as you can see below which was my first time and TBH it was fun to ride. Not only this we experienced Haima Bird Electric EV1 that cost Rs.10lakh but can be booked for Rs.1000 as DP through Booth.

It is a compact Hatchback design with grace for 4-5 people, the fact I like that it is a car which is comfortable to sit.

-Know more about Bird Electronic check HERE

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haima bird electric ev1 front look autoexpo 2020

What RALSON & RALCO have to say at AuToExPo 2020:

RALSON (India) Limited, Ludhiana owner of the RALCO automotive tyre brand launched the innovative and eco-friendly ECORACER – Tyre for motorcycles at the Auto EXPO 2020, today.

With the launch of the innovative and eco-friendly ECORACER- Motorcycle Tyre, the company aims to tread a new path in corporate social responsibility and become a brand of substance in a market predominantly comprising the millennials.

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Haima Bird Electric EV1 and RALCO EcoTyres unveil at Auto Expo 2020:

Haima Bird Electric EV1 and RALCO EcoTyres unveil at Auto Expo 2020


A motorcycle tyre is an environment-friendly tyre as it uses a high content of silica, a natural product, to reduce the use of pollution-causing petroleum-based chemicals. 

The silica-based compound helps reduce CO2 emissions as well as enhance the performance of the engine because the use of silica lowers rolling resistance for the tyre thereby increasing fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Ralco ECORACER motorcycle tyre has a cutting edge tread design to strike a balance between fuel efficiency, safety & durability.

-Know more HERE

So both did well at their point in the Expo & if we are moving towards eco-friendly ness then surely they both are stepping towards change, 1 by EV & another by Eco-friendly tyres. Basi concept of Auto Expo 2020 was just EV so almost everyone showed stuff that belongs to future saving transporting.

-Thanks for Reading.

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