how to use link in insta story for free easily without 10K followers

How to Add Links to Instagram Stories without 10000 Followers

If you want to use Link in Instagram Story then earlier you need to have 10K Followers, but things has changed and to know How to Add Links to Instagram Stories without 10000 Followers just keep reading.
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A very common question and feature that people have asked for from Instagram always since they have launched this Swipe Up Link Feature for accounts having more than 10K Followers but below that always feel (Hume bhi do bhai!) so here it is, as today I tell you How to Add Links to Instagram Stories without 10000 Followers instantly with a new Instagram Feature.

The Instagram new feature let you add a link on the Stories for everyone without requiring a 10000 Followers count, you can do try it even if you have just created your ID. To know How to Add Links to Instagram Stories without 10000 Followers just follow the steps given below for better understanding.

What is Swipe Up Link Feature on Instagram?

From this you can add Swipe Up Link in Instagram Stories easily so that people who are watching it can easily land to a particular browser window, now that can be a Video, Post, Image, Doc, etc. and was available for accounts having more than 10000 Followers & Influencers with Verified ticks.

The feature was much useful and people started demanding it which later Instagram may be heard and brought a new kind of feature for all to add Links in Instagram Story.

New Feature to add Link in Story isn’t bound with Followers count, even a new account t is eligible to add a link on Instagram Story that people can check. Snapchat always had this kinda feature but not Insta that have the most users and is part of META.

How to Add Links to Instagram Stories without 10000 Followers for everyone Free without any Hacks?

First, you need to understand there are some regulations that you need to follow, the link you are sharing shouldn’t be illegal, pornographic, nudity or drugs, it should be from a legal source so you dont get banned or snapped by Insta.

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What Type of Media is eligible for adding Link in Instagram Story?

  • Picture
  • Video
  • Reels
  • Reshared Stories
  • Audio plus Image, etc.

Are eligible for it as you can add links on any of these no matter what’s in your story.

How to Add Links to Instagram Story with new Add Link Feature?

Previously Link adding in Story was for 10K+ Followers or normal people could add IGTV Video LInk for Swipe up but not the link of their choice like now, so How to do it?

  • Create a Story on Instagram
  • You can use Camera or anything from Gallery
  • Click on Sticks Sectip at Top RIght Corner
  • Click on “Add Link” or “Link” Sticker
  • It will ask ytou to Add a Link
  • Copy the URL and Paste it there
  • Click Done and a Sticker will be added to the Story Section
  • You can Customise Link Text or by default it shpws Soruce Real Name, eg: If link is of YouTube so it shows YouTUbe but you can Customise it from Customise Text Section
  • Now Place Link Sticker anywhere and whenever someone click on that Link Sticker they land up to the souce
  • TIP: You can add some Arrow or Highlight it for better results also One Sticker at a Story can be used.

You can even use it to add IGTV Links as well, Swipe Up feature is now disabled for all now, every user is now able to add Links in Story without restriction like this that’s what just makes it productive and enjoyable.

We hope this came useful for you, if it does then Share it and do save it as Bookmark.

-Thanks for Reading.

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