How to add Lockscreen Message on any Smartphone easily

How to add Lockscreen Message on any Smartphone easily in 2022?- Add text on lockscreen trick

If you want to know How to add Lockscreen Message on any Smartphone then here I explain you all the steps in brief and reason why you should use it and its used cases that could literally save your phone and you.
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This feature is there on every smartphone but only a few people know that you can Add text on lockscreen which can be a lifesaver for many as it can help in to reach you if your phone gets stolen, in an accidental case, forgetting case, etc. It is a thing which should be known by every smartphone user & should apply, check How to add Lockscreen Message on any Smartphone easily.

When you buy a Smartphone, you start using it and set it up but mostly don’t add this to your phone as you forget it usually or you may don’t know about it, adding text or message on lockscreen (if it’s something that can make someone reach you) adds a bonus in case of lost and found, accidental cases, theft and more. Knowing How to add Lockscreen Message should be a step to follow when you buy your phone or even use an existing one.

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Why should I add Lockscreen Text/Message? What will it provide me?

screenlock message setup on android
screenlock message setup on android

A simple question you might can ask while reading the headline, Why?…this why is basically your security to keep your phone safe. As I mentioned adding lock screen text on your smartphone will help you in case of:

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  • Theft– suppose your phone was stolen but found it or the thief is trying to open your phone and isn’t able to or someone notices it and if you have message there and the person is in the suspicious mode so they can read it and can reach you back.
  • Lost and Found– if you phone get lost and someone notices it or finds it and wanna reach to you so he/she can easily contact you if you have added an alternate number to your lock screen without unlocking the phone itself instantly.
  • Accident– may not but if you face an accident and your phone is locked so anyone can connect to an urgent SOS number flashing on your lockscreen in case of emergency to fly a message about your health.
  • More– there is a number of cases in which it can help you out, you can even put a puzzle or jumble in case to crack a code for someone to unlock as a gift or so.
lockscreen message setting on MIUI POCO
lockscreen message setting on MIUI POCO

How to add Lockscreen Message on any Smartphone?

Its easy to add lockscreen text/message on your smartphone just follow the steps shown below and you are done, there can be a different ways to access the area but the most easy is going into Settings>Search>Lock Screen & find add on Lock Screen and write your message.

NOTE– Mostly it can only handle a few characters around 50-100 only so write short but worthy that’s useful, not garbage.

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  • Go to Settings and Tap on Search
  • Search Term “Lock Screen”
  • Open Lockscreen Settings
  • Scroll down and search for Lockscreen Message
  • Tap on it and add a Message you want to add
  • You can add a simple message/text like SOS No. xxXXxx, My Finger no. 8 to Unlock, etc. so it can be understood to help you out or etc. whatever you prefer.
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