How to Book COVID Vaccination Slot from Google?- now you can use Google maps to book your Vaccination Slot

Google introduced a new feature from which you can Book COVID Vaccination Slot directly from Google Search or Nearby option or even from Google Maps, to know How to Book COVID Vaccination Slot from Google at your location.

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Earlier we have made a video on How to find COVID Vaccine Slot and discussed some Telegram Groups which can help you to Book Vaccination Slot, even WhatsApp has made a BOT to Book COVID Vaccine throughout smartphone but now Google has also introduced a new option to Book COVID Vaccination Slot from Google Nearby directly through smartphone Search option, here we see How to Book COVID Vaccination Slot from Google? and get Vaccinated easily.

In a recent update, Google announced that they are pushing this update to let people easily find a vaccination centre near them and get vaccinated. By using Google search now you can get details of nearby COVID Vaccination centre with details like what are they offering, Paid or Free Vaccine, Vaccine types like Covishield, Covaxin or some other, Timings, Slots availability, Direct booking options, etc.

This help people to find the Vaccination centre near them by and Book Vaccination Slot easily under Where to get it Section, so let’s see How you can Book COVID Vaccine Slot from Google instantly.

Highlights of this Post:

  • How to Find Vaccination Center near you using Google Nearby Search Tool Online.
  • How to Check details of COVID Vaccine center on Map at your nearby Vaccination center to see what vaccine they are offering, is it oaid or free, how to check other details about that center, etc.
  • How to Book Covid Vaccination Slot diretly from Google under Where to get it secntion at your place to get a slot for yourself after registration.
  • It is reccomended to turnon your Location or GPS option on your smartphone to find nearby centers so you can use thi feature.
  • Google have added almost 1300+ centers in the list from diffrent discrtics in India as more might be added in coming weeks.
  • Google Direct option will take you to COWIN portal where you can easily book Cowin appointment via Google search.

Almost everyone is pushing the vaccination drive forward to get people vaccinated, recently WhatsApp introduced a feature of the vaccine ChatBot which helps to find COVID Vaccine slots on WhatsApp and Book them by Chatting through chat text.

Google was working on it at a wider level in India as they had a dedicated result page where they show all the related info about COVID but now they have come up with Corona Vaccine slot Book option when you search for terms like “Where to find Vaccination near me”, “Book COVID Vaccination Slot”, “COVID Vaccination Booking near me with the availability of slots”, etc.

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“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a priority within our communities, vaccines remain one of our biggest protections. Nationwide vaccination drives are in full swing, and as more people look to get vaccinated, their requirements for information continue to evolve: finding vaccine availability by location, specific information about vaccination services offered, and details on appointment availability are increasingly important to know.

As people continue to seek information related to the pandemic to manage their lives around it, we remain committed to finding and sharing authoritative and timely information across our platforms,” said Hema Budaraju, Director, Google Search said in a statement.

This makes an easy go-away because all you need is to choose a centre from suggested and click on Book Appointment. If you want to find another related nearby centre so you can do it from the Where to get it Slider option.

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How to Book COVID Vaccination Slot from Google nearby step by step

  • On your Smartphone, Go to Google Search Widget or Chrome and type terms like- COVID Vaccination Slot Book, COVID Vaccien slot book google, Book COVID Vaccination slot online using google, COVID Vaccination slot near me, Nearby COVID Vaccination Center Slot booking, etc.
  • Scroll down and search for Where to get it option from Top Tag options
  • Choose any nearby Center offering COVID Vaccine slots
  • Click on the place to get more details
  • You can find the address of center, name, details like COVID Vaccine type center offering, paid or free, doses they are offering, mode of vaccination, timing of center, etc.
  • It also show last booking time a person has booked a slot from that center
  • You can also see a Book an Appointment option
  • Click on it and it redirect you to Govt portal of COWIN to enter your registered mobile numer and book an appointment and slot instantly
  • It also ask you to keep your document ready before visitng the center
  • Onece you are done, you receive a text on your mobile number of a successfull booking
  • Now just download that letter, take your ID and go to the center on your date and get vaccinated
  • You can take help of images from above to understand better

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NOTE: To book a COVID19 Vaccination slot, it’s required to sign in to COWIN Portal with your Mobile number and Adhar card so you can get vaccinated successfully, if you don’t have a COWIN account then its mandatory to create one now then only you will be able to book a slot from anywhere.

This was a quick walkthrough of How you can Book Slot for vaccination from Google new feature as this is very much convenient and easier than any other option because almost anyone can do it in their own language as Google is offering this in all major Languages such as Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu, Bangali, etc.

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