How to Boost YouTube Views and Subscribers Free, Legally and Quickly with a full free guide of tricks as hack to increase youtube engagement organically

How to Boost YouTube Views and Subscribers Free, Legally and Quickly

YouTube is a great f=platform to be a Content Creator but growing there is a little tough but you can imply some tricks and guides to make it possible like this one of How to Boost YouTube Views and Subscribers Free, Legally and Quickly?
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This post was most recently updated on 3rd Aug, 2022

Know-How to Boost YouTube Views and Subscribers Free grow to the higher audience without any software like & Increase Views. This Post gives you detailed and legal methods by which you can connect with more people around the world on a similar topic and can Increase your YouTube Subscribers as well. These methods are free, means Get Free YouTube Views with more audience.

One of the major thing before starting a YouTube Channel is to Choose a Specific topic on which you want to hit your videos and have to remain same because that kind of audience will be attracted towards you. So keep that in mind, Like-Tech, Comedy, Hacks, Tips and Tricks, Crafting, etc.

After you are done with your Channel Creation, its time to upload a video on your channel about a specific niche.
So be ready for it and let’s start our TuTorial.

If you are using a Desktop or Laptop and working on Chrome then must Download an Extension called TubeBuddy which can help you a lot.

YouTube Shorts is the real big new thing for any creator who wants to grow, this is a feature to compete with TikTok Short videos but its wider and brighter in regions where TikTok is banned like India. You can create 30sec or 1min Short Videos and can start posting them on the channel with appropriate catchy titles, keywords and short descriptions with Hashtags.

The result?, if things work good so you can get Lakhs and Millions of Views with thousands of Views in a short time after which you can start uploading full length videos for monetization as Shorts cant be monetized or useful to increase Watchtime of your channel.

How to Boost YouTube Views and Subscribers Free Tricks and Guide-

  • Setting Up Video before Publishing with TubeBuddy


Before Publishing your Video on your Channel make sure that your Title should be attractive and have some suspense in it so that it attracts people to click on it.
One of the biggest Examples is Technical Guruji on YouTube, as his Titles are very catchy and should also include topics and main keywords for which you wanna rank it.


Write a Good Description and also use Symbols like (!!,??) under it to make it more interesting. Because as much a viewer will take the time it will be good for your Channel. Also, don’t forget to put Keywords used in Title and extra keywords to make it rank well. You can even use extra keywords related to the video topic in description with a good lenght.
You can include Affiliate Links as well under the Description.

Keyword Selection

Most important portion before hitting the publish button is to select the right keywords for your video so that it Rank higher and you can get more views.

But where you can find the Right Keywords??
Well it’s simple, you can find them from your Rivals who are ranking for it. In this TubeBuddy can help you a lot.¬†
But before you can use it, just Sign Up once with your Gmail Account with the same YouTube account. And then move forward.

!!!You have only a 500 letter limit for the KW!!

Now Open another Tab on Chrome and open YouTube and search for the similar kind of video related to your topic or title, it will appear top searched related to you.
Now you just need to check the SEO Keywords which can be found easily by TubeBuddy called TAGS. Just copy some of them and add into your keyword space.

Also, Put your title as keyword and related keywords to your video. It gives YouTube a better understanding to be able to search quickly for your video.
Now you are ready to Publish, just click on Publish after setting up other things and you are Done.

You can find the Tutorial Under this section…

  • Posting on Disqus and Quora¬†

They both are discussion platforms that are worlds leading and help others to find great content. 
They both are Free and Easy to understand and use. 
You just need to Sign In on both platforms. Disqus works a little bit different but Quora is simple and easy.

Now when you are done with the Upload and Publishing of your Video on YouTube. It’s time to Spread it.
Copy the Video Link>Open Quora Account>Search for a similar keyword in the Search bar of Quora>Click on Answer this Question or Comment on this Video>Paste the Link>Press Enter and the Title and You are Done.
(You can also Post on Quora as Anonymous)

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On Disqus, Sign in with your existing account here>Join a Discussion related to your niche or of your Video>Write a good Text and between that type, this–<a href=”Your Video Link”>Your Title or Text</a>, then press on Post. Your text will be highlighted and your video will be applied there for everyone on that Disqus forum. Now you have a wider option of Audience for the Video.

  • Post it on Reddit

how to use Reddit to boost youtube channel and increase views and subscribers organically

Reddit is also a great medium to Post your Links on a favorable Topic or Niche on which your video is. Sign-in is also required on Reddit as well with a Selective Username and EMAIL.

But one thing to remember on Reddit is that you cant post shit on it. As if you do that then you will be Blocked instantly by Bots. 
To Search your Relative Niche Subreddit just search in the Search bar. 

Before Posting just read the Rules and regulations of a Subreddit. And there will be an option to Share Link or Text. So if you have a writable Content then you can Post it as Text or can share it as Link. 

‚ÄčNow Congrats, you are also done with the Reddit Share as it can give a good Viewable back for your Video.

  • Try to Collaboration

Collaboration can be a big kick for a YouTube Channel as it makes it easy to increase soon with other YouTubers. 
Collaboration just means that to take someone else in your video who is already making a Video on Utube or is famous and have the good following. You can request other YouTubers to be in your video and put a Name in the Title of that Character and use is a keyword as well.

This is simple and an easy trick to get higher viewing rate for free and quickly, also both can share the video links on Social Platforms.

!! Wanna Collab with me? Message me on my Instagram @crazyme_ag !!

  • Use Social Networking Sites

how to use social media properly to increase youtube engagement with subscribers and views count, a full guide for social engagement and seo for youtube

SN sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Whatsapp are great to spread your video link with the huge crowd. 
On Facebook, you can make a Page as you can Check mine as Fresh Founder on FB with existing Account for free and can share your Videos there as well by using more and more (#).

The same is with Twitter as to where you have to simply make an account and share video links. Also on WhatsApp link share you can share video around your Contacts with a simple Text.

Tumblr is also great as you can post Link there as well by making an account. Google Plus is also a favourable guide and friend in this category to make your video popular.

  • Engaging Thumbnail

People get attracted with the Video Thumbnail very much, so make it catchy so that people attract toward it after watching the first view your video.Some of the best sites by which you can make free Thumbnails are Adobe Sparks or Canava.

They provide you free Layout with an exact fit for your Video.
Also, use some Text on the Thumbnail because it gives a Positive message to the viewers to click on your video.

What will happen with these 6 Tricks?

Well, you can now get about 10000+ Views on your video if you do it in a right way and the biggest thing is that they all are FREE. 
So without wasting Money on Ads and Getting Paid views, you will get higher viewing rate on your Each video.

But the Only thing on YouTube which makes you grow is your Creativity and Originality, so if you are vibrant and fresh with something great you will definitely raise.

But remember never Copy some1 and make your own because it may harm your Channel.

Before it Ends we Request to Share this Post more and more with your Friends who make Videos or work as an Entrepreneur. Feel Free while Sharing as we work for by you and for you. 
You can also use #FreshFounder on Social Media or while Sharing this Post with others to get our Attention.

And with this, we are done with our 1st How to Increase YouTube Views Part 1. Also tell us what you thing about this Post and how Helpful it is for you.If you want more then tell us in the Comment Section. Next can be what we should not do on YouTube and what are its Harmful effect. 

-Thanks for Reading.

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