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Are you looking for buying Apps Reviews?....AppReviewsPro make it easy for Advertisers & for Reviewers both...Buy App Reviews for IOS & Android both

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For everyone Developer, one thing that matters the most for its Created App is the Review & Ranking which it gets on Platforms like Google Play Store or App Store and that can only be boosted through positive Reviews by Users, Star ranking and Downloads so if you are a Developer and want to Buy App Reviews at Cheap Rates for you Mobile Apps then you are on the perfect article, also with this, you can earn upto $0.25 per Review is you sign in as Reviewer.

In today’s competitive industry it has become tough to keep your App at the Top Charts whether its Play Store or App Store because everything is based on Reviews, Start Rating & Download Counts so following that we have brought you, a special platform for every Developer which can bring you, Reviewers, for your App & for App Reviewers it can bring you Money and Apps both.

What is AppReviewsPro?

how to apply for app review campaign as advertiser or as reviewer to earn money from app reviews or to get real paid app reviews

AppReviewsPro connects App owners with App reviewers, to get positive reviews and high ratings of app contribute a lot in the decision of app user to install that app or not. Making positive app reviews very important for any App owner to get.

Top reasons why you need positive app reviews:

1) Get More app Installs

2) To Increase User Retention

3) To Boost Rankings in PlayStore

4) To Double Conversion Rate

5) To Increase Overall Revenue

Getting positive app reviews with 4 and 5 Star rating is not that easy but with you can get them within hours.

How AppReviewsPro Works?

how to buy app reviews from appriviewspro at cheap rate for ranking apps

App Advertisers:

Using this any Company, Individual, or Marketing Agency can now get positive app reviews and ratings within a few hours from genuine app users. is a self-managed platform, advertisers can read the review before giving final approval to the reviewer to publish the same on play store. Advertisers can even provide their own pre-written reviews to our reviewers to publish.

You can complete control of how many reviews you want to get published every day.

App Reviewers:

Not for Only Publishers but the same works for the Reviewers as well, Using anyone can earn money by just writing positive reviews for the App Advertisers. All you need to do is follow the instructions given by the App advertiser and write and submit a review for approval. Once you get approval from Advertiser all you need to do is publish the same review and share screenshot. Your job is done you get paid.

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How can you Start Using AppReviewsPro to Start Getting Reviews as Advertiser?

Its reviews are 100% safe as you will be directly in touch with their reviewers and will approve reviews yourself. Only reviews approved by you will be published. You will also get a screenshot of the review submitted by our reviewers. So it doesn’t matter what you choose Apple or Android it works for both.

1) Signup for Advertiser Account with us.

2) Buy credits online.

3) Using credits you can purchase your campaign

4) You get two options while creating a campaign (Option 1 – You can ask reviewers to write and send review as per your instructions) & (Option 2 – You can send your own pre-written review to app reviewers to publish on play store)

5) Our app reviewers will start applying for your campaign. You get to read reviews upfront. You can even request for a change in review as per your needs.

6) Once the review is approved by you, the app reviewer will publish the same review on the play store and share a screenshot of the same as proof.

7) You can buy as many app reviews as you want with full control.

These steps can be followed by you the user’s whos interested to get Reviews for themselves or for the earning, the payouts are approx Rs.17-18 per Review, you can also follow Tutorials given below in Video Format to understand more of everything.

Video TuTorial

Tutorial for Advertisers-

Tutorial for App Reviewers-

Check out the Link HERE to Try Now


This was all about from our side as it is safe & flexible for people finding App Reviews & helpful for App Reviewers as well to take a chill pill with this & for a normal person as well to earn an amount in free time.

-Thanks for Reading.