how to buy redmi note 9 and note 9 pro in flash sale

How to Buy Redmi Note 9 Pro Max and Note 9 Pro in Flash Sale

If you are thinking how to buy Redmi Note 9 Pro Max or Note 9 Pro in Flash Sale..check out the best way to get new Redmi Note 9 series & Add to your cart
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This post was most recently updated on 3rd Aug, 2022

Redmi Launched its New Redmi Note 9 series, so to know How to Buy Redmi Note 9 Pro Max and Note 9 Pro in Flash Sale read this article till the end with Tips & Tricks that you should keep in mind in Flash Sales.

Every time Xiaomi Launches a Smartphones comes in Flash Sales where people find it tough to Buy as Stock comes Out of Stock in Second but if you really wanna buy the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max or Note 9 Pro then keep these Tips & Tricks in mind and also Install this amazing Google Chrome extension on your Laptop or PC right now so that you won’t have to wait for next sale.

How to Buy Redmi Note 9 Pro Max and Note 9 Pro in Flash Sale:

  • Where to Buy?

Before I start just remember this time the Phone is coming Live on as an Online Sales Partner so the Sale will go live on Amazon or on India Only.

This means to buy Redmi Note 9 Pro or Note 9 Pro Max you must have Amazon India Account so if you don’t have one then Create right now.


  • Steps to keep in Mind before Sale

How to Buy Redmi Note 9 Pro Max and Note 9 Pro in Flash Sale

Before you are ready to buy Note 9 Pro or Note 9 Pro Max just keep in mind to Login in your account at least 10-20min earlier as if you try to log in instantly then Page might crash or take time & Stock goes out.

After Login, Fill the Delivery Details and save them in your Account. You can do it by simply Logging-in>Your Profile>Your Address and Fill it & Save it.

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After that, if you want to Buy it through Cash then there’s nothing to Add in Payment method but if you want to Buy it through Card or Bank then just Fill in it the section of Payment option, next to Your Address and Save it.

  • Get Ready for the Flash Sale of Redmi Note 9 Series (Google Extension & Use)

Once you are done with above mentions just make sure your System is Power on at least 10Min Earlier.

flipshope autobuy google chrome extension for redmi note 9 pro max and note 9 pro

For precaution, you can install a Google Chrome Extension called FlipShope that can be found on Opera, Firefox and some other browsers as well that support Google extensions.

Click on Extension area at the Top right corner- After Installing the FlipShope extension just Login into it using Facebook or Google (remember use only that Email which you have used in amazon sign in).

Also after doing it Click on Flash Sale section and choose an option: Without Payment or with UPI (according to your preference).

If with UPI then just fill the Details (I prefer Without Payment which means COD).

  • Buy Redmi Note 9 Pro Max & Note 9 Pro

Once you are done with Installing and signing in, open on a new Tab and open Redmi Note 9 page. Within a second you open the Tab, it will show you a Pop-up that Autobuy has been activated. All this means is that whenever sales go Live your Page will refresh and Add a Phone in cart automatically and take you to the Checkout page with Details filled automatically that you have filled in amazon account.

With this you are good to go and buy Redmi Note 9 Series before anyone else, if you get one then please let us know by commenting below & do Share it with others as well.

-Thanks for Reading.

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