how to enable wireless display using android smartphone on windows 10

How to cast Wireless Display on Windows 10 using Android (2020)

Buying device for cast is stupidity..Wireless Display using Android Smartphone & casting it on PC/Laptop over Windows 10 is smartness..easy steps to follow!
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This post was most recently updated on 29th Sep, 2020

You can Cast Wireless Display on Windows 10 using your Android Smartphone without any Dongle OR 3rd Party appso what are you waiting for? let’s see How to cast Wireless Display on Windows 10 using Android.

Well Yes!, you can Share Screen/Display on your Windows 10 Laptop/PC through Wireless Screen/Display Share option which enables you to run your Favorite Content from your Smartphone to your Laptop/PC screen.

Normally when this kinda situation comes then people try to Find an App which can Connect their Smartphone & Laptop for Screen/Display sharing but almost 80% still don’t know that on Windows 10 “Wireless Screen Share option is available by Default”.

What is Screen/Display Sharing?

I try to explain it in short for you, When you want to see a Video/Picture/Series from your Laptop to your TV (if TV isn’t Smart enough) then you use HDMI Cable to Connect them both and to look TV Screen just like your Laptops Screen, Right?

Screen Sharing is the same thing but Wirelessly, where you turn your Laptop Screen into your Smartphone Screen.

NOTE- You can do the same thing with your SmartTV as well without any need of 3rd Party Apps!

Is Screen/Display Sharing Option is available on every Android Device?

Yes! you can find this option on almost every smartphone no matter if its a flagship, midrange, or lower segment.

To find this option you just have to Go to Setting & Find Wireless Display/Screen Share.

How to cast Wireless Display on Windows 10 using Android-

screen sharing animated image to show how it works How to cast Wireless Display on Windows 10 using Android

Screen Casting-

The major difference between screen mirroring and screencasting is the way in which the content is shared to a display. In the case of screencasting, your TV wirelessly receives online content via a digital media player to a TV via a wireless connection.

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Screencasting uses an app to send movies, video clips, and music from your phone, tablet or computer to your TV screen. For example, you can use the YouTube or Netflix app on your phone to cast video over the internet from the YouTube or Netflix servers to your TV display.

scree casting image showing how it works

Screen Sharing-

Screen sharing is also known as desktop sharing. While mirroring and casting are done with a smaller device (e.g., mobile or laptop) and a larger display (e.g. TV or projector), screen sharing generally involves making a copy of your computer screen to other computer screens.

This is especially useful when you want to go through a slideshow or document with someone who is in a different location, such as when offering remote training sessions online.

There is a multitude of screen sharing solutions, such as those provided by GoToMeeting, Slack, Skype, etc. Screen sharing is very useful for peer-to-peer collaboration (e.g., working on a design mock-up), but it’s not usually used for professional or educational presentations.

how to enable wireless display on Android MIUI

How to Setup Wireless Display on both Smartphone & Windows 10?

How to Setup a Wireless Display/ Screen Sharing Smartphone?

  1. Connect your Phone with common WiFi Network in your Home/Workplace
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap on Search Icon
  4. Search- Wireless Display OR Wireless Screen Sharing\
  5. Turn it On

How to Setup Wireless Display/Screen Sharing on Windows 10?

  1. Go to Control Centre
  2. Click on Display
  3. Click on Project to this PC
  4. Set Priority to Available Everywhere
  5. Turn on the Project to make it available
  6. Turn on WiFi & Connect with Common WiFi Network Near you
how to enable project this screen on windows 10 settings

How to Connect both Windows 10 & Smartphone?

Following the above Steps Now, after both the Devices are on the same WiFi Network.

  1. On your, Smartphone Search for Wireless Displays under Wireless Display Section (it doesn’t appear to try to Turn Off&On again)
  2. On Laptop Accept the request to for Connection
  3. Make sure WiFi Network to be stable otherwise try to use Hotspot!

Now Whatever you open/run on your Phone will be shown the same on your Lappy Screen.

NOTE– If your WiFi turns around then Connection will be disconnected as I am not sure if it needs the Internet for it or not but I don’t think it’s necessary to have Internet Connection for it, Hotspot will be fine!.

Was it good to know all that? Well now I think you can Watch your Favorites from Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. episodes from your Phone to your Laptop easily or can share memories with your family without any hustle & Wires.

Thanks for Reading.

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