How to check if your account Hacked/Pwned or Sold!- Measures?

Is your Account Hacked or Pwned?...check if your account has Compromised its Security and know How to Secure it from being Sold..Must Check Now!

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Stealing Data and selling it Online is a Trend nowadays and to know How to check if your account Hacked or Pwned because it’s an easy way to make Money and Exploit someone’s Privacy, Emails even sell without knowledge but What if you can Check that you are Safe or Not?, that’s why we help you to know “How you can Check if your Email is Pwned or Hacked even if Sold?”, also “How to Secure Email from Hackers” These ways help you to know Where your Email & Data is Compromised with Sources which took it!.

How to check if your account Hacked or Pwned:

To check if your account has been Compromised or Data is Breached or safe, well there’s a Freeway to do it, just go to- This will analyse your Account and check the details if your account has been compromised/pwned or not if Yes then it Shows you an MSG ” Oh no — pwned! ” with source in which it has been Pwned!.

Under the Scroll, you will be able to see where its breached + some Raw Stats stating Pwned Websites, hacked Accounts, Pastes, Paste Accounts including Latest Breaches & Recently Added Breaches.

This is a perfect way to make this Testing happen n to know Status of your Account.

Symptoms of a Hacked Account:
Odd behaviour
Unexpected/Unknown Logins
Random weird Posts

Is your Account Sold on Darkweb?

Hackers anonymously can sell your account for illegal purposes without your knowledge! Yes, it’s True, your account is maybe Sold along ago but unnoticed, so when it comes to action regarding any criminal offence or anything bad you will be in the Arm of Custody.

Above we have mentioned if your Account is Compromised or Not, now here we discuss if your Account is Sold or not.
As I have mentioned a Site above there’s also one to check it, the Site name is-, just enter your Email n check the result.

In most of the cases it comes out Now SOLD but if you have a Hard Luck and comes SOLD n you have its Access then try to Deactivate/Delete it AFSAP but if lost Access as well then make a New Account n report your Email provider regarding the issue n forget it then so that you can be at a safer side.

How to stop your email from being Sold

Step 1: Custom email domain

This is a necessary but all around useful thing to do: get a custom email domain. Domains are cheap, hosting is too. Use something like NameCheap for the cheapest option.

Step 2: Custom email provider

Set up a custom email provider on that domain. Services like Google Apps come with Gmail out of the box, andProtonmail is pretty great too and very private.

Step 3: Set up a catch-all address

This will vary from provider to provider, but each will have their own official instructions on how to do this – Googling for this is your best bet (i.e. “Protonmail set up catchall”).

Step 4: Define a filter

Set up an entrapment filter like “all emails starting with trap should go to the ‘Trap’ folder, delete all others” or something similar.

Step 5: Use a new trap email for every service you sign up for..

This is the most important part. Every time you sign up for a new service or register a new account somewhere, sign up for a newsletter or give out your email at a conference or meetup use a different email. Be as descriptive as you want, but keep the prefix as defined earlier.

For example: could mean that this email was given out at 2018’s Consensus conference on May 20th. Because you’ve set up a catch-all email on your domain and a prefix which puts all emails that start with “trap” into a special folder, you can easily keep an eye on the entrapment emails coming in without them cluttering up your main inbox, while keeping the main inbox filled only with the important stuff.

Final step: Pounce

When you notice that an unrelated service has contacted you from an address that was obviously given out elsewhere, for example CoinTelegraph emails you to your trap-consensus2018 address, that can be proof that Consensus has sold your email address and CoinTelegraph has bought it. If this is something you consented to when buying your Consensus ticket, fine. But if not, this is a big GDPR violation and both companies deserve to be reported.

Why Hackers do this?

This Question is common and comes in mind everytime we listen to these kind of activities but remember “What we Surf on the Internet normally is just 10% of the Whole Internet” other 90% is in Dark which you cant access normally or can’t even check so their your Identity, your Information, your Data, your Emails, Contacts, etc. everything is an Asset which can be Sold to Exploid someone’s life or to gain Profit from it.

How Hacking Occurs?

Mostly by uncommon Website who are just made for Frauds, sometimes some Apps as well mostly Chinese Apps.
And How can we forget Facebook in this 😛 (although it’s not Chinese but whatever!), you might have got my intention right?

How can you be safe, Protect yourself from Hackers/Pwners

I highly recommend you to use 2Step-verification on your Accounts, this feature is available almost everywhere FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, Gmail, etc. Turning this one can reduce risk up to 40% which is quite high for a security purpose n it’s Free everywhere.

Also always try to use a Good Antivirus on your Device, my personal favourite is Malwarebytes Free Version in Android/Windows or Guardian Antivirus which is Paid but it’s good for PCs.

Share only that info which is limited or needed, always read its TnC n Details before filling anything. When using an App on Smartphone always Notice what Permissions is it asking for n is it required by it or not, if you think there’s some “Daal me Kaala”(Suspicious) try to use that App or Uninstall it right away.

If Buying or doing any Shopping try to use Incognito Mode in the browser as it can help to save your Wallet.
That’s it for Today, but remember I soon come up with a new Blog telling you how you can be safe within Detail info regarding all the points so till then Please Subscribe our Newsletter Now, and don’t forget to leave your Comments and Reactions below.

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