How to Choose a Perfect Smart TV for your Home- Top 5 Tips!

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TVs have changed completely, with the immense change in technology we are witnessing the same immense change in the TVs as well.If you looking for a Guide then we can help you with How to Choose a Perfect Smart TV for your Home for you.

It takes a lot of money to buy a new TV, what happens if we selected the wrong one? It is the decision that needs to be taken with a proper understanding of what we want. So, there are so many things that one needs to consider before buying a Smart TV. 

Without wasting any time let’s take a look at-

How to Choose a Perfect Smart TV for your Home:

  •  Size of TV

How to Choose a Perfect Smart TV for your Home- Top 5 Tips!

The first thing while purchasing a brand new smart TV we consider the size of Smart TV. The size should be perfect and match the place where you are planning to keep your TV. People often get confused in selecting the proper size according to their room.

The size should be considered by also considering the size of the room. The ideal size which most of people prefer is 32 inches. So many sizes are available from 24 inches to 80+ inches. But the most common size is 32 inch which is perfect for the normal size of the room. 

If you are planning to go for a smaller or bigger size than 32 inches than you must check the size of the room. Size also determines the features of a smart TV as if you want to purchase 4k ultra HD experience that is not available in models of 32 inches. 

Only HD ready and Full HD are available till the sizes of 32 inch and bigger than 32 inch 4k ultra HD TV is available. 

  •  Resolution

diffrent smart tv resolution ratios and sizes from 720 to 4k

Mainly there are four resolutions HD ready, Full HD, 4k Ultra HD, and 8k. The choice of resolution depends on the purpose of buying a smart TV. 

Eg. If a user is purchasing a new smart TV just to watch the TV as the normal purpose of movies, songs, news, and matches, he can go with HD ready and full HD resolution which are 1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080 respectively. 

On the other hand, if a person who is purchasing the smart TV to use it for gaming purpose or watch some highly animated stuff which has so many tiny details the choice would go for 4k ultra HD display which is 3840 × 2160. 

Users can also consider buying 8k resolution, but it is kind of early for that resolution because the quality of content should also match the resolution of the TV. The content which is available in 8k resolution is very minimum.  

  •  Refresh Rate

diffrent refresh rate of smart televisions image with detail information

The refresh rate is the rate at which the screen refreshes the picture behind the screen of a TV. The video which we see on a TV is a combination of images that are refreshed at a certain speed and seem to be a video.

The average refresh rate which comes with every latest smart tv is 60Hz. This is the ideal fresh rate for everybody until they want to do something extra special with their TV. 

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Professional gamers who purchase the Smart TV for professional gaming purposes must go for a higher refresh rate. The higher the better, they must check for more than 120Hz in a Smart TV.  

  •  Sound Quality

speakers in a smart tv

The quality of sound in a Smart TV must match the quality of Video. Without the proper quality of audio, the experience of watching TV is incomplete. 

The easiest way to check the audio of a Smart TV is to go with the TV which prefers the Dolby Sound System. All the most trusted brands of LED TVs use only Dolby Atmos Sound. It is the best audio that you can get for your Smart TV. 

Other than Dolby atoms in many cases, the sound becomes distorted after a few months. 

  •  Brand of Smart TV

different brands of smart tv, top brands selling best smart tv

Earlier there were only 2-3 brands of LED TVs. But if you go online to purchase a brand new Smart LED TV, you will surely get confused between the brand names. There will be some which you will see for the very first time. 

The best brands of Smart LED TVs in India are Samsung, Sony, and LG. These are the king of this industry; the price of these brands is also very high as compared to all other brands. If the budget is not a problem then you must go for Samsung or Sony. 

But there are some other brands that are doing so well in the market like Mi, TCL, Thomson, iffalcon. The price of these brands is very low as compared to sony or Samsung. These brands will provide you the same features in the same size in half of the price of Sony, Samsung

The online reviews of these brands are quite good so if budget is an issue, must go for these brands. If you are planning to purchase a new LED TV, you must check The Best Smart LED TV.

  • Other Features-

other features to look before buying any smart television

There are some features that vary from Smart TVs. Some Smart TVs come with voice-based remotes, which make them extra special. This is one of the advanced features of all. 

With a smart remote, you can operate your whole TV with your voice commands. Some Smart TV connects with Bluetooth and others don’t. You must compare all the smart features and select the one which is completely loaded with all the features. 

Smart TVs also allow you to keep a lock on some of the streaming channels which you do not want your kids to watch. You can filter them on the basis of age, ratings, etc. Some systems even allow you to track the usage of data, you can put a limit on the data usage. Before completely using the data you set it will alert you. 

All these features must be compared with each other while making the selection. 

After considering all these things, it will be easier for you to make the decision to choose a brand new Smart TV.