How to Convert Opus to MP3- WhatsApp Audio to Mp3

Want to know How to Convert Opus to MP3? because WhatsApp Audio files come with .opus file format so with this you can easily Convert WhatsApp Audio to Mp3 as well.

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Have you noticed, when you receive a Voicenote or Audio on WhatsApp so what’s its File type?, its (.opus), and today we see How to Convert Opus to MP3 & Convert WhatsApp Audio to Mp3 files to share with anyone easily or use it for edits? The method is really simple all you need to have it WhatsApp Audio File to convert into MP3 for Free quickly.

WhatsApp is used by Billions and a lot of messages are exchanged between so many people but nowadays people tend to sent voicenotes more, especially young youth believe in conversation with Voicenotes or exchanging audio but if you want to use an audio file or if it’s funny or anything you wanna send to someone else so you cant do it because File Format is OPUS that only WhatsApp & a few Audio Players supports.

So the question arises, How to Convert Opus Audio File to MP3 for Free and Easiest Method? so here you can get all the details just following a few steps.

How to Convert Opus to Mp3 Easily

First, let’s understand what is Opus File Format and when you try to edit it or play it somewhere else then why doesn’t it work properly or why can’t you use it under video editors directly like Mp3 or WAV.

What is Opus Audio File?

Opus is a lossy audio coding format developed by the Xiph.Org Foundation and standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force, designed to efficiently code speech and general audio in a single format while remaining low-latency enough for real-time interactive communication and low-complexity enough for low-end embedded processors.- Wikipedia

Opus vs Mp3 Audio-

Jean-Marc Valin, one of the Opus developers, notes that for music, the quality of Opus at 64 kb/s compares to that of MP3 at 96 kb/s. For speech, the difference is even more pronounced.- auphonic

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MP3 is the kind of file format we all know about, even we listen or use this format at every production-level whether its creating music tracks, videos, editing, ads, etc. MP3 is all over and nowadays Wan has also been used slowly.

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Now lets to the main topic and question, how to create and convert Opus to Mp3 or how to Convert WhatsApp Audio to Mp3, things you can take in the measure before initiating and find the file are…

How to Find WhatsApp Audio Files- Do & Don’ts

  • You can find Audio File in your File Manager easily, just go to File Manager & head over to WhatsApp Folder>Media>WhatsApp Voice Notes or WhatsApp Audio
  • Remeber! Do not try to change the file extension by just Editing or Renaming otherwise file may crash & become non-recoverable.
  • You cant use Opus to Edit in-Apps, Video Editors or Upload purposes,, you have to convert it first to Wav or Mp3.know How to Convert Opus to MP3, easy method to convert WhatsApp Audio to Mp3

How to Convert WhatsApp Audio File to Mp3?

  • Select File and move it to some other specific folder so it doesn’t create confusion
  • You can rename the file if you want
  • Now Open Google or any Browser>Type Convert Opus to Mp3
  • You can use any of these sites to Convert-,,,, 
  • Copy any Site and Paste in Search Box, Go and Upload the File directly
  • Click on Conver, it may take a while to convert
  • Then Click Download Option to download the file on your device
  • Done, you have successfully converted Opus Audio to Mp3 File
  • NOTE– In case you want to convert Mp3 to Opus then you can Select Mp3 to Opus
  • This way you can even convert Mp3 to Opus as well easily

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You might be thinking, are these sites safe?, well yes they are and they don’t store any of your data, it just simply you can use them to convert your WhatsApp Audio File to Mp3 for Free and Quickly that’s it.

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-Thanks for Reading.

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