How to Convert.VFC File to.XLS File without Software Free 2021

If you were searching a way to Convert.XLS File to.VFC File for Free without any Software then you cand o it for free Online, How?, by this Post because here we are sharing with you "How to Convert.VFC File to.XLS File without Software Free" 2021.

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Have you ever tried to Converting a .VFC or VcardFile to an XLS File, know How to Convert.VFC File to.XLS File without Software Free as personally we tried to Convert .VFC file to .XLS but my Mind Exploded because of some many Wierd Lenthy Confusing Videos which scared me that I cant do it myself. I tired simple 4 Easy Steps and its done!”.

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So basically lets first understand what is.VFC File is and What .XLS File is?

VFC File- It is a File format which you can bring out of any Smartphone and it is commonly known as VCard which is your Contact Card. You can get it when you Export your Contacts from your Mobile Phone then a VCard is made which you can Import later on your other Device to get the same Contact Lists.

Full Video Tutorial Included in this Post above to show How to Convert.VFC file to.XLS file!- Tension Not Practicals are Key to Success

XLS File- This is a Doc. type File which is commonly known as Excel File and can be seen as a Spreadsheet on your MS Office. This is a Common File Format which is used by almost every Office Supporter such as WPS Office, MS Office, Apache Office, etc.

Why Convert VCard to XLS/.XLS File?

Because if you want to scatter your Contacts or want to check it on a Spreadsheet n Edit or want to Send Mass Messages then it requires you to have it in that format, otherwise you can’t do that from your Phone only or some other reason (anything).

Does this need a Professional Knowledge to Convert VFC to XLS?

No, from my way you don’t need any professional knowledge to get into this, all you need is an Internet Connection n a Laptop/Computer (THAT’S IT).

Let’s Start the Steps of How to Convert .VFC File to .XLS File without Software Free

  • Go to Phone Contacts
  • Tap on 3Dots/Lines (at the Top Right Corner)
  • Click on Export Contacts
  • Locate your VCard and Copy it to your Laptop/PC
  • -You can find it under File Manager>Contacts>VCard or just Search for VCard
  • Go to Website

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  • Click on Document>Choose File>Upload VCard?Target Format-XLS
  • Download Converted File or Scan QR Code to Download or Save to Drive
  • After Downloading is Complete, just Double Click See your Contacts in XLS/Excel

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How to Convert.XLS File to.VFC File?

With the same Process, you can inverse Steps as this can lead you to Explore more and this will give you more info and knowledge, go to and upload yours.XLS>Select VFC File>Get Output file>Download it.

Does this Site Store my Data-

No, it’s safe to convert files on All your files are treated as strictly confidential.

“We have enabled HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) on all our servers. All file transmissions are through HTTPS instead of HTTP. HTTPS is an internet communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data between your web browser and the site.

Your file’s filename will be renamed to random 10 characters so only you can find it. Your files are only temporarily stored on our servers for 1-2 hours, after that, they will be automatically deleted by a scheduled program.”- AConvert

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