how to create your own people card on google guide step by step method

How to Create Google People Card using your Smartphone

Google announced an all-new know How to Create Google People Card using your Smartphone...its better than creating Wiki page and is Free!

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In a recent update, Google announced for its new testing feature called “People Card” by Google where you can shine your personal profile on Google whenever someone tries to search for you so to know How to Create Google People Card using your Smartphone we gonna show it to you & let you know how can you create your profile on Google People Card.

Google introduced an all-new feature in India called “People Card” where users can Sign in with their Email ID and with that can create a personal profile to appear online just like your short “Resume” with Social Links, Education, Name, Job Status, etc. and surprisingly it’s only introduced in India audience on a testing basis. The feature is like appearing your profile like a Wikipedia-page to appear on Google Search Results by just typing your name.

The Verge covered- “Google is testing a new user-created public profile system called “people cards,” which will let users create their own profile (including their job, links to their social media platforms, a brief bio, and more) that will appear directly in Google search results. It’s similar to how celebrities and businesses already appear. The new cards are only being tested in India in English to start.”

Lauren Clark, product manager, Google Search told Gadgets 360 that the people cards feature is limited to India for the time being, and there are no expansion plans to share right now.

“You may be wondering why we’re launching this feature in India first,” said Clark in a briefing. “We are always looking for new ways to make search more useful for people, and we found that there were some unique information needs to India that we could help serve first.”- according to Gadget360 in an Article.

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This feature is quite handy, although it’s under testing if it comes successful then people would be able to appear themselves in the search results, this helps to ease the boundation between filmstars or cashy personalities vs hardworking startup founders, businessman, personalities, experts, etc. with no cost just like Google My Business which help to bring focus at a point of many people & help to grow on the Internet.

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All an all if you want to bring yourself over Google as a Card so all you need is a Gmail Account, a Short Sweet Bio, Details to be filled & just approval by Google itself. The process is simple, easy & quick with Free for all option that’s the biggest plus point.

If you want to know how to add your people card on google then just read the steps mentioned below and wait for the approval, once its done Congratulations you are Officially on the Wall. 

How to Create Google People Card using your Smartphone Step by Step-How to Create Google People Card using your Smartphone step by step guide

  • Open Google Chrome or go to Google Search Widget & Sign in with your Google Account (if you on Chrome so visit & sign in to Google account)
  • Search for Google People Card
  • Click on Get Started and read the instruction
  • On the new window fill detailed after signing in with your Gmail Account like Name, Job, Education, Location, Social Networking Links, etc. 
  • Click Preview to crosscheck the details and your Card
  • If everything seems fine just Click save or go back to edit
  • Once done wait for the approval (it might take a few hours to be approved)
  • One approved everybody who searches about you see a card like attached below

invincible ag people card on google search result

This looks so dope that people like whoever have dreamed off coming on google searching will now be able to fulfil their dream. But 1 major flaw which we found is that in a country like India where the population is in Millions how much data can be stored uniquely and how to google must be able to show results with so many same names or list them out uniquely for people, that just gonna be a look after thing for us all.

Other than that its good to see this initiative & must look forward how it goes, If you interest to try then go for it now, for any queries just comment below we solve it for you & share the link of this article to let people know about this.

-Thanks for Reading.

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