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How to Download Pdisk Videos on Android without Downloading PLAYit App (Easy and Safe)

On Telegram nowdays you might have seen Links Pdisk to download Moviews, Web Series, Videos, etc. But to play them you need PLAYit Media Player which can even harm your device, that is why today here you get to know about How to Download Pdisk Videos on Android without Downloading PLAYit App Easy and Safely.
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This post was most recently updated on 4th Jun, 2022

Do you know about Pdisk or PLAYit? If you do so you might have seen its resource links on Telegram. To know How to Download Pdisk Videos on Android without Downloading PLAYit App you can find it here today. Because Pdisk official App looks like a mess and spammy with popups and Ads.

Telegram has banned sharing any Movies and copyrighted Video content, therefore groups have started sharing Links of Pdisk URL File that req PLAYit App to Play File which is available on PlayStore but the moment you open it (OMG its not what you were expecting!), so we thought an alternative is needed to Download Pdisk/PLAYit Videos directly to Android more Safely. is a Cloud share based File upload platform whose link can easily be found on Telegram these days, after Telegram banned sharing Movies, Videos, Web Series, Sereies sharing due to legal copyright issues, groups have shifted their platform to link providing through Pdisk. But the main problem arises, How to Download Pdisk Videos on Android without Downloading PLAYit App?, with this concern we have come with this today.

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What is

Pdisk is a platform for people where they can Create accounts, can upload Videos & can Earn money by sharing that Link, so when people visit that link they see spammy ads, interface & time which user spend or ad clicks revenue will be shared with File sharing owner of that account like Shortlink sites works. This is the basic working of this platform & the same developing company owns PLAYit App which can be found on PlayStore as well.

in this picture relation is shown between red flaming telegram logo and playit app by pdisk which is used to play files shared on telegram groups overlapped by telegram image
Telegram Logo overlaying PLAYit to tell relation between Pdisk and Telegram

What is Connection between Telegram and Pdisk?

No such connection is there but the title says this because most links you can find of Pdisk or Playit is only on Telegram Groups, whether it is of some Movie, Series, Video, etc. In all scenerios Telegram groups are the only wide platform of this in personal DMs or Adult/Movie Sites.

Why PLAYit App is not suggested?

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PLAYit is just not worth it, Yes it can be used a Media Player on Android but it’s just not worth downloading as inside app you can find AD popups, Redirects, Spammy Ads, Bloated, etc. This is only useful to play Pdisk Files nothing else (as per our Suggestion).

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How to Download Pdisk Videos on Android without Downloading PLAYit App- Safely!

Till now you have got our view on PLAYit App so now you must be wondering what way can we download Pdisk Videos directly without the suggested App & the Answer GetThemAll App. It is type of All-in-one Download App which is available on PlayStore but is clean, fast, authentic, more secure, fast & responsive with better experience. GetThemAll App lets you Download Files like Instagram- Post, Reel, Videos, Facebook- Videos, Pictures, Twitter- Images and Videos just be the main Post or Tweet link.

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Steps to Download Pdisk File from GetThemAll App:

  • Download GetThemAll from PlayStore HERE or Check APK HERE
  • Download APK or Install App
  • Go to Telegram Group and Copy URL of the File (it can be as or, etc) just confirm it once opening it in Browser
  • Now open GetThemAll App and Paste Copied URL
  • Wait for Page to Load
  • Now click Get File List
  • App will fetch all Data from Link from 0-100
  • After a while a List of Files and Sources will appear on Screen
  • Check Videos section after getting File List
  • Search for Original File and Select
  • Now from Bottom Download Button just click Download
  • It will automatically start Downloading Pdisk original File (speed is also nice there)
  • UPDATE- Company might have made some changes and due to that you can Download any file size Video/Movie from Pdisk for Free through his method but if you want to watch it so you have to use VLC Media Player or PLAYit Player because without it you wont be able to play Videos properly.

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NOTE– If you are using it for the first time so it will ask you to set a Default Download Path/Folder. You can change it from the Settings section later if you want, otherwise, all Downloaded Files can be found at the patch you chose.

Also make it fetches almost all data behind that Link so you only need to Search for Images or Videos whatever you want to Download & for Videos, always look for File Size (especially if it’s a Movie or something).

Any other alternatives?

You can try Snaptube, Vmate, some Online all-purpose Video Downloading sites but most effective and useful what we found was this only & very few Ads, you can Purchase premium if you want, so all an all it was the best we could get.

This was all about this Post, we hope this helps you. If you have any Questions, Queries, or anything to ask so please feel free to ping on our Social Media. You can follow us on Social Media like Insta/Twitter/YouTube by FreshFounder.

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