how to download and install windows 11 tutorial steps you need to know

How to Download Windows 11 ISO File and Install on PC 100% Working & Virus Free- Insider Preview Version

Windows 11 is the Latest Windows Version, a successor of Win10 which you can try now, know How to Download Windows 11 ISO File and Install on PC. It is 100% Working Virus Free and in Insider Preview mode but preserve before it expires.
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This post was most recently updated on 8th Jul, 2021

Windows 11 Screenshots has been leaked on Baidu (a Chinese Search Engine), where we could see a brand new next-gen Win11, upgrade of Windows10. Know How to Download Windows 11 ISO File and Install on PC, it is Insider Preview Version but 100% Working, Virus Free, fully responsive, all you need is Install, Run and Enjoy.

Windows 11 comes with a brand new feel, UI layout, styling, colour-animation effect. Win 11 also looks minimal in Design backgrounds, giving it a fresh look that looks quite impressive on machines. You can Download Windows 11 ISO File and Install on PC Step by Step reading through this Post, also Download Windows 11 Official Wallpapers to try now on any PC or Laptop. Provided Windows 11 ISO File is Working and Virus Free but it can expire so Download it now or report us on Social Media.

Windows 11 leaked on Internet, which made a chaos in market of Windows lovers who were waiting for next windows. We have heard of upcoming Windows after Windows 10 in recent times but no one expected that it will land like this (for sure no one knew about it).

First people reported Windows 11 Official Screenshot leaks & after that Windows 11 ISO File Download Leak, we thought maybe it might be a rumor but after watching 4.5GB ISO File of new Windows 2021 it was confirmed that Yes, its a working one.

Disclaimer- Do not Download any random File on name of Windows 11 as it may contain Virus, Malware or currupted Files that can harm your loving Machine.

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Official Windows 11 has been released on 24th June 2021 now but all steps mentioned below will be the same all along no matter when you read it, also you can Download Official Windows 11 Wallpaper & can view Screenshots of Win11 new Design just scrolling down.

How to Download Windows 11 ISO File and Install on PC Step by Step:

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Warning- It can be unstable so kindly don’t try it on your Daily machine until stable version releases.

  • Get a Pendrive of min 8GB (16Gb Recommended)
  • Download Rufus from HERE (it is software used to make PD’s bootable)
  • Download Windows 11 ISO File from Link given Below (around 4.5GB)
  • Open Rufus on your Computer & Plug Pendrive
  • It will automatically detect Pendrive as Device
  • Choose Boot Selection as ISO File from dropdown menu & select Win11 ISO File from Download Folder
  • Choose Image options as Standard Windows Installation
  • Check Partition scheme as per your Device req.
  • Keep all other settings a default
  • Click on Start & Wait till its Done
  • NOTE– All files from the Pendrive will be Formatted completely so make sure if you want a backup

NEW UPDATE- Download Windows 11 Insider Preview Setup File

Another way is downloading Windows 11 Insider Preview Setup and Install it following Steps like we do to any other software normally. Just Download Win11 Setup Zip>Unzip in a Folder>Run Setup>Follow Instructions>Choose to Keep/Delete all Files>Run Installation process>Wait till it completes. Also Check- How to Check if your System support new Windows 11 Official or not.

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Pro Tip for Google Download Limit Exceed– If Google Drive shows “Download Limit Exceeded or Download Quota has Expired” just Open the Link>Signin with your Gmail>Click on Add Shortcut to Drive>Choose My Drive>Go to Drive with same Gmail>Look for the Shortcut File you made>Download from there.

Download Windows 11 Insider Preview Setup ZIP Link 1 | Download Windows 11 Insider Preview Setup ZIP Link 2 | Download Windows 11 Insider Preview Setup ZIP Link 3

How to Install Windows 11 from Bootable Pendrive on PC-

Once you are done with a bootable pendrive, now all you need to do is Restart your Computer & Install new Windows which is Widows 11 on your PC.

You can do- Turn on the PC and press the key that opens the boot-device selection menu for the computer, such as the Esc/F10/F12 keys. Select the option that boots the PC from the USB flash drive.

Windows 11 Leaked Screenshots-

Below are some officially leaked Windows 11 Screenshots from My Computer Folder Design, Widgets and Windows 11 Homescreen layout with start menu option.

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Windows 11 HD Wallpaper Download-

You can Download Windows 11 Official HD, 4K Wallpapers right now to try on any Windows or Mac machine from Link below, also these are quite cool to look at, a fantastic combo that might perfectly fit with Win11.

Check- How to Check if your System support new Windows 11 Official or not

It includes- 4K, Screen, TouchKeyboard, Wallpapers Folder, which all contain different wallpapers all along to try for Free.

This was a small brief on New Windows 11, we request you keep following us on Social Media so to keep updated yourself for every important news related to Tech World, FreshFounder Tech Bakes always try to serve you Hot. If we find any further info of Win11, we update it here for you so Bookmark it now.

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