How to find your lost smartphone for free easily guide, find you stolen smartphone from home or remote control your smartphone to keep your data safe

How to Find Your Lost Phone Easy- Ways to Find my Device

We hope this never happens to you but if it happens then? This post is to help you to know How to Find Your Lost Phone Easily and to share with you Ways to Find My Device or of anyone in case its lost or stolen.

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Is your Device Lost and not able to find it? Or stolen and worried about How to Find your Device? know How to Find Your Lost Phone Easy with the best possibilities that can save your stolen Data or even your Smartphone after getting lost.

Smartphones are one of the most essential parts of our life, it has taken over our lives as it stores our personal info, photos, videos, memories, contacts, baking details, apps, chats, etc. But what if it gets stolen or lost? (Saase atak jati hai, right??).

Data theft, snatching, memory loss is common nowadays, in that case, “How will you find your Lost Phone?”, we have the simplest solution to your problem. Just follow the steps we have mentioned and the ways we are telling to Find my Device (I mean yours) easily and quickest (be your own Detective).

How to Find Your Lost Phone Easy- Best Ways to Find my stolen/lost Device

how to find your stolen lost mobile phone easiest way, find your lost phone with help of google find my device or by imei number tracking. List of best ways to find my lost device anywhere
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Quickest Ways to Find my Device:

On Internet, there are a lot of tricks available that promises to help to find your lost phone but didn’t work, even the tools, but here we are telling the real working apps and ways that are used to find your stolen or lost device by yourself. Even companies or many experts use this way only to track lost devices or mobiles, so if you read it and understand then there are possibilities to find your stolen lost device in the easiest way.

  1. Use Find My Device to Track your Lost Phone-

This is the best available option to track and remotely access your lost smartphone using any of your other devices. But to access this option, your device must have to be connected via Cellular Data or WiFi and Find My Device in gain to find perform tasks.

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If all is well, then simply go to Google Play Store and search “Find My Device“, you will find the application namely Find My Device by Official Google Developer. 

Download the following app, and enter your Google ID and password which must be logged in into your lost smartphone. After entering all the necessary information you’ll be now available to see your live location of the lost smartphone.

Actions you can take with Google Find My Device-

Even with Google Find My Device, you can play sound, lock devices remotely and erase all your personal data in just a single click from your lost smartphone. Not only the smartphone, but you can also access all your devices that work on GPS or have Android properties and are connected to a particular email account.

NOTE– Same option is also available in Android by Default as well, go to Settings>Security>Find My Device>Turn On>Done

If you’re unable to access the application. You can also track simply using any web browser by going into-

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  1. Find your Stolen Phone with IMEI Number-

Every device in the universe has its own different IMEI number, Which one can never change. You can find your IMEI numbers easily on your smartphone box and bill or by entering *#06# in your smartphone’s dial-pad. After getting your IMEI number. 

Open any web browser and enter or and fill in your IMEI numbers with the details asked (Your device must be connected to the network). Don’t worry this is the government’s official portal. Your all data and numbers will be secured here.

Using the CEIR (Indian Government’s Official portal) you can easily block/unblock your lost smartphone and also can file the complaint of your lost device and they’ll look into it.

  1. Take help of Company’s Own Method to Find Lost Phone-

find your phone with mi cloud service for Xiaomi device owners, find stolen phone with mi cloud all Xiaomi users for free
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There are many Smartphone brands out there, which provide their own cloud and account service. i.e. Xiaomi provides MI Account and cloud services for their smartphone users.

The users of Xiaomi Smartphone can easily go to and after entering it’s Mi account and password. They’ll be able to play sound on the device remotely, lock the device remotely, track the live location of the device, remotely access data and sync.

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This method only requires the SIM card to be turned on, as this method sends a code using SMS service to the lost device and the lost device decodes it and acts accordingly. (Not all Smartphone manufacturers provide this type of facility! And methods may vary according to companies and their services)

  1. Samsung Owners can Use this to Find Lost or Stolen Phone-

Samsung Owners can Use this to Find Lost or Stolen Phone, how to find stolen phone with samsung find my phone service, how to use smasung find my mobile

Samsung Smartphone users can use Samsung’s own service to find their lost phone called Find My Mobile service to help Galaxy phones owners track down their lost phones. With Samsung’s service, you can do things like forcing remote backups or see if someone has swapped out your SIM card.

You’ll need to use your Samsung account to set up Find My Mobile. you’ll need to have a Galaxy device running Android 8 or newer. The setup process should already be taken care of as long as you’re running the latest version of the SmartThings app. (SourceCnet)

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