How to Get Real Free Instagram Followers without Password (2020)

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Instagram is one of the Fastest Growing Social App where People try to Gain Followers ASAP on any Condition to get Famous but sometimes it seems difficult, know How to Get Real Free Instagram Followers without Password as Here we tell you- Daily on your Account in every 24Hr to boost Insta Fame & Name without any leakage of Passwords or giving a Penny to some random authorities.

Things to Remember:

  • Make sure that your Account is Public, not Private
  • If you have a FB Page then try to Connect it with your Profile as a Bussiness Account, that helps people to get attracted
  • Never try to Spam your Post or Account with weird Posts
  • Always try to be Original and Engaging with your People on Insta, like do Polls, QnAs, etc.

How to Get Real Free Instagram Followers without Password:

First, let’s go for the Free Trials which can give you a good amount of Insta Free Followers, I am providing some sites where you just have to put your Email ID+Username & no Passwords Req.

To Claim Followers from these sources just Enter the above-mentioned Details>Go to your Gmail Account>Confirm your Trial Link>Get your Followers.

Plusmein can provide 15 New Followers in every 24 hours where Famoid can give 100 Followers weekly.

Permanent Instagram Followers Exchange in Real-

Secondly, coming towards Permanent with Self-regulating “How you can get Free Insta Followers Unlimited every day” then best thing which comes in my mind is Social Exchange, now Social Exchange is one of the Top Secret of Social Media through which People grow.

Like4Like, Follow4Follow, Comment4Comments, all are kind of Social Exchange. This way help us to get more People towards us but doing it manually is frustrating and time-consuming. That’s why sites like Traffup, FollowLike, LikesPlante, etc help us make this thing Automatic not manual.
The site which I personally use and my favourite is FollowLike & TraffUp.

Getting into details, you can simply understand that these sites give you Credits/Rewards which you can Redeem for your Followers.
The biggest reason I like this Technique is that you get Real People on your Profile with good engagement if you have good content.

What do you need to Start with it?

An Email Address and a Password, that’s it, just Go to the Site>Signup>Enter Username, Email, Password>Confirm your Email from Inbox>Sign-in with Details>Good to go.
(Email should be the one using on Insta but try to keep a very different Passwords on both)


To start with this after you are logged in then just Simply Click on Instagram Section, Now to increase your Followers you must need Points to start the game.
After coming on the Instagram section you get 2options-Follow and Like&Comment (choose any).

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How to Get Points on TraffUp?

  1. If you have chosen Follow then simply click on any Profile Follow button and Start Following them (you can later Unfollow them no worries), once you have Followed them it will automatically check it on your account and add points in your Account.
  2. If you chosen Like&Comment so then simply click on Like button from the list and you will land on that Post, just Like it and go to Comment Section & Paste the Comment which is already Copied from the Site. Go back and check if it’s Successful

How to Add Instagram Followers?

Once you have enough points then you can start your gaining process,
Instagram Section>Edit Profile>Check Username>Check Profile Status (Visible/Disable)>Check Points per Follow(I recommend 30)>Edit Profile, that’s it.
Now you are Visible to the users and then they follow you to gain Points which inversely increase your Followers without any Follows

You feel the Change with time and there’s no limit for the Points, more Points means more Followers. Also if you are Active on a particular Section then you rank higher which helps you to boost Insta.
Also to Stop the Process Visit Inst Section>Edit Profile and make it Disable.

2nd. FollowLike-

Is one of the best Site for Social Exchange, it’s Fast, Secure, Reliable, and a great one.
Here you have to Follow the same Process, Signup and then Confirm your Email and then Login with your ID to FollowLike.

How to Get Points on FollowLike?

After Signing-up just goes to Earn Coin Section>Click Instagram>Choose b/w Follow or Like>Perform the Task>Get back to the Site>Click Confirm. This is a Manual process so you might have to invest some time in it but it’s worth it.
(Bonous+ – You can Perform Micro Task to get Heavy Points instantly, some of them are really simple Signups which can give you big things + for Micro Task you can generate Fake Emails from 10minutesmail).

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How to Convert Points in Followers on FollowlLike?

Now to Redeem the Points and convert them into your Followers just Click on Add Exchanges>Add Default Exchange>Select Campaign as Instagram Followers>Give your Profile URL (must be Valid)>Give Campaign an Attractive Caption>Let CPC&CPCB Default (you may can change later as well)>Click Submit.

If you want to see your Echanges then just Visits (My Exchanges) and Select your Campain, if you wanna Delete or Stop it you can do it yourself.
(FollowLike Link is here-

Note- Both of them Require sufficient Amount of Points to add n grow your Followers if you don’t have them it Stops Automatically.

As a bonus, I am giving you a Videos which I have made earlier regarding Instagram Free Followers and it’s still working so you can check it out.

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