How to Grow Facebook Page – Easiest Hack to boost FB Page growth

Top 3 ways to Increase Facebook Fan Page with easy hacks and tricks...How to Grow Facebook Likes and Followers in just minutes..Easiest Ways to FB Likes..

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Facebook is a huge platform which handles almost 1 Billion People all around the World Daily. So if you want to grow your self then know How to Grow Facebook Page.

But the most challenging face to become popular on Facebook or any other platform is to attract the crown towards you, but we don’t know about others but still, we are sure that what we are going to tell now will work for you on Facebook.
So here we are presenting Top 3 ways which help you to increase your Facebook Page Followers and Likes with ease.

How to Grow Facebook Page​

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No.1> Facebook Audience Optimization for Posts
This is a default operation of Facebook for all the people who operate a commercial page to expand their business or valuable products.
To Enable it, just Login to your ID> Open up your Page from your ID (through which Facebook Page is made)> go to the Settings on the Top right corner> Go to General> Search for Audience Optimization> Enable it.
facebook growth pic1

After Enabling it successfully, just go to your Official page screen and now Update a new Status, but before posting it on the wall give it a break and choose your audience. To do that, see the status bar below where you can find an icon which looks like “Target”, click on that and choose the category in according to your Post.
Also, you can select some specific region or country for your audience and the Age restriction as well.

That’s it, you are done and now click on the Post, this enables your optimized public region where more and more people can be able to see your post and can come to you for more.

No.2- Use of Facebook Like Ladder
One of the easiest way to increase your Page views, likes and followers.
To do so, just go to the Search Bar> Type “Like Ladder”> Choose a group which has the maximum number of people (more crowd, more people to reach)> Click on Join> Wait for Approval> Go to your Page> Cope the Page URL which you own> go to the Like Ladder Page and Post the Link to your page.

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facebook growth pic2

After doing all this you just have to wait to increase your Likes and Followers, and also leave a caption with your Page Link on Like Ladder, which can describe your page and can be attractive.

No.3- iFB Invite
A Chrome extension which can be downloaded and can be installed from (REMOVED!).

facebook growth pic3

An extension which enables you to send a bulk request to all your friends in a single click and let them know that you are owning a page on Facebook, instead of sending links to every single person on your list.
Just Install the extension on Chrome from the link above and you will see an icon just like the image under, after when it is done.
Go to you Page> Notifications> On the Left side Bar Click on Invite Friends> Now Click on Extension> Click on Events> Done.

facebook growth pic4

After completing this step, a Notification will be sent to all your friends on your list that you have invited them to like the page which you own and it is so easy that a kid can do this.
So here are the Top 3 ways to grow your Facebook Page Faster and easier within half of the time you will wait to grow it. Try this and you can see the effect yourself.

-Thanks for Reading.

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